Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PROJECTS IN LIMBO.......Episode 1

In an earlier post I mentioned my habit of starting things and always having the desire to start something new. I can be sewing and next thing I want is to crochet or knit something. I just want to do it all and in the process get very little done. This can be frustrating. It isn't always unfinished projects that bug me, but also my knowing that I should be chasing the dust with a rag and demolishing that cobweb I saw down the hall. Some of my unfinished works..........I guess you all call them UFOs.......

Variation of a string quilt. My own pattern?
Debbie's 2nd quilt. Another hair puller.

"Pleazzzzz, can you make my filler pillow? 
The crocheted curtain. Valance???
Embroidered baby squares.

5 UFOs.....shamefully there are be continued...."Episode 2" pending.....xoxo

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  1. OMG your quilts are beautiful. I feel like I've been cutting and piecing forever. I can't wait to actually finish one LOL. BTW, your gardens are beautiful (and BIG). We have 3 raised beds that my hubby built and I use "potato bags" from Gardeners Supply to grow sweet potatoes and Yukons. This year I am going to use them to grow other things as well. They work really well for small spaces. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm sure that I am not the only one with the January doldrums. We are going to start ordering seeds soon YAY! That's always fun. I've playing with my blog. Learning how to add things. I am having fun. Tomorrow is my day going to Drs appts with my Mom. I'll bring some yarn with me. Got to keep my hands busy. I'll post a pic of the neck warmers that I have been making on my circle loom.


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