Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brrrrrrrr.........It's COLD!

I am sitting here warming myself with a cup of hot green tea and lemon. All of our snow melted off yesterday when the temperature was up in the 40's. This morning is quite another story for the temperature is back down where it is suppose to is winter again in Ohio. I don't mind the cold as long as I can stay warm.........As promised yesterday I am posting another quilt I made. You only have "bragging rights" if you actually made it and finished forgive me if I brag just a bit, but I didn't hand quilt this one, read on......

Oldest daughter Rachael's Log Cabin Quilt
Rachael's Log Cabin Quilt
A lot of quilters find the log cabin design boring, but I love it. In fact I love it so much I spent an entire week washing fabric, ironing and using a rotary cutter (plus mat) cutting tons of different size width strips to make more log cabin quilts. The strips can be used for other kinds of quilts too, not just log cabin.
I wish I could take credit for doing all the work on this quilt, but I made this one while still working at the hospital and I spent all my spare time assembling it with the sewing machine. I have a friend who owns a sewing shop and one service she offers is professional machine quilting. As an added bonus she made my bias binding for me and I did manage the binding by machine sewing it to the top and hand sewing it to the back. I wish I had a close up of her stipple quilting, it is lovely. I put a large pic on this post hoping the stippling would show up. This quilt looks complicated, but is actually one of the easiest to assemble. There are many designs depending on placement of the blocks. If you are new to quilting you will notice that there is a color scheme for each block. One side has the darker fabrics and the opposite side has the lighter ones. This block setup is called Lights & Darks. The small Trip Around The World Quilt (on the chair) was made years ago by my mother-in-law for my daughter's dollies. More to come.....piece, or peace to all.

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