Saturday, January 1, 2011

Color My New Year With Scrappy Quilts

How about brightening this drab New Year's Day with some pics of colorful scrappy patchwork quilts?  I can actually brag about making and completing the ones I will post. A pretty quilt is not only functional but always lights up a bedroom or any other spot in a home that needs a cheerful touch. Maybe you have been wondering just what to do to your home to make it welcoming and word.........QUILTS!

Everyone loves a Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. This quilt was actually not the first quilt I ever made, but my second attempt at the craft. I completed it in 1981, so yes, it was 30 years ago this year since I did this. It is all done by hand except I did sew the binding edge on with a sewing machine and then I hand stitched it down on the back side. It is double-quilted, and by that I mean every piece in the flowers and the white path around them is hand-quilted on both sides of every seam (see close-up pics). The centers of the flowers have a quilting pattern similar to a grid work. Someday I may just embroider bees here and there on the path. The flower pieces remind me of a honeycomb........bees among the flowers would be so cute don't you think?........More pics of the same quilt.........eye candy for the quilter and the lover of quilts..........enjoy!

These flowers are stash busters when you have tons of fabric scraps...

Favorite Flower? Maybe this one? 

Or could it be this one?.....I think I love them all, lol.
I will try and post another quilt this week. Hope to see you again for another visit.


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  2. Thank you Cathleen. What a surprise to have a visitor whose blog I have visited and bookmarked a few weeks ago. You are on my main home page of my computer and I plan to move a couple blogs daily as time permits. Come visit again. You are always welcome here. Take care :)

  3. Hi Susanne
    just bobbing by to welcome you to Blogland, hellooooooo!!!!
    Your quilt is amazing, I love the simplicity of the pattern but the colours truly make it don't they?
    Here's wishing you a wonderfully creative and happy time with your blog, I feel sure you're going to love it ♥

  4. THANK YOU LUCY! I am thrilled beyond words that you came to peek in on me. I know from your blog what a busy mum you are. This is a new adventure for an older hen. I just know that one can get lost in Blogland, but it is never boring. There is always something new around every corner. Come visit me anytime you feel like leaving the attic for a moment or two. {{{{BIG HUG}}}}

  5. Just popping over to say hello and welcome to blogland, I'm fairly new to blogging myself, I only started in August. I feel like I have gained a whole lot of new friends.
    I will pop over again soon xxx
    ps I love this quilt!!

  6. Thank you Jacey for stopping by! Blogland is indeed a whole new world full of unexpected surprises and treats. One treat is meeting new people and I love it! Here in Ohio the winter can be long and harsh. Sometimes the only visitors we get are the little feathered friends we see at the bird feeder. That has changed now. Please come anytime. I love the company and chat. xoxo


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