Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Summer GIVEAWAY

We are at the end of August and summer is just about over, fall is coming quickly. Schools have started around here. Apples and pumpkins will be showing up at fruit markets and Jack Frost will make an appearance. It is with some melancholy that I sit here and think about how this year summer didn't seem to exist at all, only blazing days of intolerable heat and warm nights. We have lived in the air conditioning all these months. Soon it will be time to turn on the furnace and snowflakes will fill the air.

As promised I am having my second GIVEAWAY for this year. I am posting this a day early to give you an extra day to join in the fun. I wanted it to be in keeping with the season and so I found a couple of pretty decorating items that would work. Take a peak, the rules will follow.....

#1 Pumpkin tea towel, glass leaf tea candle holder with spiced apple tea candle. Knitted dishcloth, 2 purse-size tubes of hand cream.

#2 Fall leaf tea towel, glass leaf tea candle holder with spiced apple tea candle, knitted dishcloth, 2 purse-size tubes of hand cream.

Requirements are simple, all 3 need to be done or your name will not be in the drawing.
1.)  You must be a follower of Forget-me-not blog. You can become a follower to participate.
2.)  Leave a comment on this posting.
3.)  Mention me on your blog with a link back to this posting.

That's all you need to do. This GIVEAWAY is open for 2 weeks. It officially starts on September 1st (but comments will be accepted starting today). It will end at 11:59 pm EST September 15th. All followers who participate will have their name thrown into a container and I will have my husband draw the 2 winners on September 16th. I will contact the winners and will need them to send me a mailing address where their packages can be sent. Good Luck :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


On August 31st I will be announcing my 2nd GIVEAWAY for this year. Most bloggers who offer up some neat stuff to give their followers only have 1 winner, I will again be picking 2 lucky people. So please check in tomorrow for pics of what you could win and the details of what you must do to be included in the drawing. ♥

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Pic of My First Grand Baby

Who says God doesn't answer prayers! Have a peek of my first little grand baby. God's gift and his miracle. Due date is around March 7th. ♥

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Backyard Blues

I awoke early this morning to barking dogs and thunder. They usually start 15 minutes before the actual storm arrives and before we can hear any rumbles in the distance. Kinda tells you a lot about animals doesn't it? The news report last evening said that the police on horse patrol noticed their animals were restless about 15 minutes before the actual tremors of earthquake were felt. Again, are animals smart or what?

I went outside to snap a few pics of the WIP, the air was damp and a bit chilly, overcast skies, that's Ohio.

Despite the gloomy lighting, I did manage to get a few lovely shots from various positions on the porch swing.

And then I turned my attention to my pitiful looking back yard..........neglected this summer despite all the small efforts make or keep it in line and looking good. I wanted the old scrappy rustic look of a yard with some country charm, not perfect mind you, just something quaint and comfy with some sunshine, flowers, birds, bees and calm, with a little rain shower now and then........

My only luxury this summer would be the four flower pots to brighten each corner of the lower deck. What the hot weather didn't destroy, my neglect did. The ruin is pretty much solely my fault. I should have been more attentive.

 The deck has seen many bar-b-ques and family get together, but this year the cushions on the chairs only came out once and have remained stored in the garage.

 The red bud tree that I planted years ago from a tiny seedling is trying to overtake the steps that are not visible from this angle. One has to push the branches out of ones face to descend the steps.

 The cone flowers that come back year after year were beautiful weeks ago and the butterflies danced on and around them.

 It is a jungle out there. The steps I mentioned in the above comment. As you can see branches need trimmed back.

Last year Rog made me a trellis for the bittersweet vine I bought. The plant is doing well considering the rabbits chewed threw 2 of the main shoots last winter. This fall I will put a bit of fencing around the bottom. If they chew threw the last stem then the plant will not be around for next year. Last summer I had various  colors of impatiens all around that back fence. It is a shady spot and they did really well. This year there was no time for fussing and so it looks like complete neglect. I miss my flowers.

Do you know what this is? I found this tiny plant growing next to the property line years ago and replanted it. It grows huge. In the late fall it will have pods of dark purple berries. We can not eat the berries but the birds can. Does the song "Poke Sally Annie" ring a bell? In the spring when the little tender shoots are popping from the warm earth you can cut those and eat them. It takes a mighty big bunch of poke sally to make a big batch because you wash it, and then par boil it, drain, coat with corn meal and fry up a bit crisp in a skillet with a bit of vegetable or olive oil. This family loves it. Yummy!

And then to my herb garden, so pitiful and neglected as well. This is a sage plant I have had for 4 years. I harvest and dry it then rub it between my hands and it will make a lumpy powdery spice that can be added to corn meal dressing or ground pork. I know it is added to other foods as well, but our two favorite are the dressing and pork. I will have to get out and trim this all back. I have plenty of sage, so I will try and find someone to share with. I spare you the unsightly rest of the herb bed. The chives are unruly, the oregano a sight........the mint has taken over and the rosemary is doing it's thing, what ever that may be.

See that patch of weeds there at the base of the lattice of the deck.....that is my bed of weeds. Now I will say that several weeks ago we did manage to get out and for 4-5 days and trim up all the shrubs and bushes out in the front landscaping, and we did pull all the weeds from two of the empty beds in the back inner yard......well, some good ole rain and humidity was the source of fresh new weeds and they have taken over again. Roger and I did manage on Monday to pick and shuck at least 8 dozen ears of sweet corn from the vegetable garden. We started at 9am and I finished up the last batch of corn at 7pm. It was a good 10 hours of picking, shucking, blanching and packaging corn on the cob. I should have cut some corn from the cob like I usually do, but wanted the fasted way to just be done with it all. I should have taken some pics, but just didn't want to fool with sticky sweet corn hands and a camera. Sometime today I will venture out to the veggie garden and snap a few pics just to show you what work we make ourselves every summer. Just know that despite my grumbling I am thankful for what I have even though my flowers are weeds. It could be worse. I could be living in Texas and standing over dried up flowers and vegetables like my cousin is.........♥

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Followers & A Giveaway Coming Soon

First off I want to let all of my faithful followers and friends know that I have appreciated each and every one of your kind words, thoughts and prayers. We went to Cleveland Clinic today and got some good news about the bone marrow transplant. It will happen after a bit more chemo treatments to get the cancer cells down. The oncologist who saw us is the head of the department and he was up-beat and positive and that was just what we needed to push onward for a remission. We go to Ann Arbor Michigan September 1st to see a VA oncologist to see about providing the $90,000 oral chemo drug.........yeah, $90,000.......I know, I've mentioned that before, I just can't fathom such an outrageous cost for a drug that helps prolong life. It is almost laughable, but no laughing matter if you are needing it to live............and we were on the 3rd floor of the Tussing Cancer Building when that earthquake hit. My husband asked me if I felt the movement and I said, "What, I am tapping my foot a bit, ya mean you could feel that?" "No silly, I think it was an earthquake!" The doc came in and asked if we felt the earthquake, lol.

Now, on a lighter note, as promised back a few months ago, I am planning a GIVEAWAY. I finally reached 50+ followers and that is a milestone for me. I have been at this about 9 months so I want to celebrate. I will be posting the goodies before the end of the month and rules required to win. I will make it easy, nothing hard to give you fits and sleepless nights, lol............so check back between now and August 31st. ♥

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second Go Round African Flower

If any of you out there in blog land are like me, you get the bug up your butt once in awhile to clean out the stash of yarn by working it all up. I have done that in the past several times only to turn around and buy more yarn. After I made my first African Flower blanket I had all sorts of colors of yarn left and so I knew then it was either going to be the old standby granny square or what????  Okay, okay, I hear the little crochet bug saying, "Why not make another African Flower, you know ya want to!"


 So I grabbed the camera and headed for my studio in the living room, lol. You know, the one like you have too, the chair next to the ottoman or table where you sit and relax at the end of the day and grab your hook or needles and  the ball/s of yarn.

 Well, it rained in the wee hours of the morning, and we had some gray and gloomy overcast skies so with the artificial light and the camera flash being all I had for lighting the pics just weren't what I had hoped for.

So I moved my WIP out to the kitchen table, hoping for better lighting and better quality pics........hummmmm

 Too much of a yellow cast, this wouldn't do at all!

 So outside I went to the back porch and even with the cloud cover the pics didn't turn out half bad.

As you can see this second blanket is the join-as-you-go method and so much quicker than the sewing method. I really think I am liking this new blanket. And guess what folks, it is sold already for a Christmas gift! 

 This is only the start though, plenty more motifs to make and add. I have been making more flowers in my spare time. I have flowers in various stages now, so there is no being bored. If I am to go to an appointment I put flowers, scissors and needle in a zip lock bag and toss it in my purse or yarn tote and off I go. I can weave in yarn tails while I wait. In the evening while watching tv I sit and make more motifs or I join the ones I have already finished.

Look how pretty these are against God's greenery. Aren't the prettiest colors on this earth from God's own hand. We can only imitate what he has created. How lucky are we that can see it all.

Yes, I think this blanket will be lovely and I hope the recipient will be pleased with her Christmas gift.  What are you doing to keep your creative fingers busy? The garden produce is coming in strong and keeping me busy. Are you canning and freezing up a storm in between the quiet times? School is starting around NW Ohio for the children and football is already here. It won't be long and pumpkins will be showing up and leaves will be turning color and falling. I hate to think about the first frost and winter being right behind. Our summer has been hot, but not as scorching as our neighbors in the South. God Bless them for enduring this unbearable heat and drought. This week will be a busy one. I take my husband to Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday and we will see the head of the bone marrow transplant department. The Clinic is located in the worst part of Cleveland. The driving time isn't so bad, but the actual getting there is what has me bummed out. My daughter's boyfriend gifted us with a new GPS, now how sweet was he to do that! We have played around a bit with it the last few days. It is awesome, to say the least. Well my lovelies, I need to get busy. I am burning daylight and need to get a few things done before my children come home today for hamburgers on the grill. God be with you all on this lovely Sunday ♥

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Just passing on word of a great giveaway for some wonderful items from the Krafty Cupcake blog site. You can go here  http://thekraftycupcake.blogspot.com  and see what cute items are being given. She has a wonderful blog of yummy treats and so many other interesting things. Go have a look and enter.

Drawing takes place Friday August 26th and it is her birthday! So wish this sweet lady a Happy Birthday on her special day, I'm sure she will love you for your well wishes. ♥

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Easiest Cake Ever, I Promise

Yummy cake!

It is so good to be back to these blogging pages and once again able to share something good with all of my friends and followers. These past weeks have been so sad. I have been in a bit of a funk and need to get out of it. Yesterday our youngest daughter visited and surprised us with a cake she had made. The cake is moist and very good. The big surprise is how she made it and if I remember right she said it was a trick learned in Weight Watchers. This cake is just a regular box cake mix and all that is added to it was 1 small can of pumpkin. Can you believe it!!!! There are no eggs, no oil, no water. She did use canned frosting and garnished it with a bit of pumpkin spice. Somewhere in my mind I think I remember that you can use a couple of cups of applesauce and cake mix, but I will have to try that and see if it works as well. Believe me, this cake she made is so good, minus the cholesterol and is a so much healthier version.

Today my daughter comes back for lunch of salmon patties, fried potatoes and sweet corn from the garden. My youngest brother and his friend will come to visit as well. They had come up for the funeral of our father. Things are settling down a bit for everyone. My 2 best friends who became widows 5 weeks apart are learning to deal with loss and it has not been easy. Both are several years younger than me. My mother is also struggling. She will be 81 in December and for the most part has led a sheltered life. She does not drive, never written a check, mowed the yard or done grocery shopping. My step-father had done it all and that was their choice over all the years. I could not imagine being a woman in this day in age and not doing all of those things. Now it falls on all of us to pitch in and be more helpful.

The latest news on my husband is that we go to Cleveland Clinic for a second consultation for a bone marrow transplant. We will go on the 23rd of this month. Life has been busy and full, but not filled with the things that one wants to deal with, but unfortunately the things that one must do to survive. I realize we all have our burdens to bear, some heavier than others. Maybe this is God's way of bringing us closer to him, it sure seems that way to me. ♥

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, I lied, this is NOT a happier post, only one filled with anger and frustrations!! It is no big secret that my husband is sick with multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer for which there is NO CURE, only hope of  remission. He was diagnosed back in January. From that day on cancer has moved into this house and into every thought. He is a Vietnam veteran and it is believed that he contracted this horrible disease from exposure to Agent Orange. In January a trip was made to the VA office in our county and he filed a claim for some sort of compensation. There is no profiting from all of this because in the end any personal monitory gain will be used for the $90,000 cost for the maintenance drug. Unbelievable isn't it, that cost. The chemo alone was over $3,000 a treatment and all I can say is thank God for Medicare and AARP because we would be living in a cardboard box by now, well I would be, because my husband would be gone. Fingers and toes could not count the number of trips we have made for numerous doctor visits, treatments, blood work, and all else that goes with this territory. So to get assist with paying for this golden remission medication he had to go to the VA hospital for assist again and so that set off a whole new chain reaction for more testing because of course the blood work and previous tests done at the oncologists office isn't good enough for the VA, they have their own rules to go by. In the meantime, we wait, and wait, and wait and do some more waiting for a letter or a phone call. Waiting for that phone call because he has to be seen by an oncologist at the VA so that they can give a blessing for his other oncologist to continue treating him, but for them to help pay for this drug........and my husband reads his American Legion magazine and sees that these frustrations are nothing new......other vets have gone through the same thing, many have died because the government drags it's heels with getting on the ball and helping it's vets, so the mutual consensus is that MANY BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT DRAGS IT'S HEELS SO IT DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY ONE RED CENT TO DEAD PEOPLE.  People who are dying don't have days, weeks or months to play this waiting game. He has finished his last dose of chemo 3 weeks ago. He had a favorable reaction to his treatments. Everything was looking up. The myeloma puts off a protein that clogs the kidneys, tests show it is once again taking over. It is the straw that broke the camel's back in January, he dodged the dialysis bullet that time. And so we wait, and the protein is once again showing up in his urine. It is only a matter of time, precious time. It is so hard to be positive when you are at the mercy of others when it means your life is on the line. It has been a roller coaster ride and right now we are on a down hill ride. I feel so helpless.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Death Comes Calling

The last thing I want to do is to bog my pages down with sadness and loss, but since God did not promise that this is heaven, and things are not perfect, then we have to deal with what comes and make the best of it. Please forgive me for not doing any blogging lately, in the past 6 weeks we have had 6 deaths of family and friends. My best two girlfriends both lost their husbands in a matter of about 4 weeks apart and now are widows. A cousin of my husband lost their 20 year old grandson to a drug over dose. His other grandpa is our next door neighbor. My step-father passed away yesterday. It would seem that death and grief have their grip on us. They say death always comes in 3's......I do believe this time it is a double whammy. I am hoping that things settle down and there can be some calm waters again. I hope all of my followers and friends are well and that life is good right now for you. I do plan to try and write about some happy things next time I return. In the meantime, keep strong, keep the faith, and God Bless You All ♥
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