Saturday, January 8, 2011


Good Morning. I am not The Pied Piper, but please feel free to "FOLLOW" me if you like (the button is on the top right). It is a thrill to come here and see people want to come back again to visit. I love your comments, and appreciate that you take time from your busy schedules to spend a few minutes with me. If you have a comment (at the bottom of each post) or a question I will do my best to respond. I will try my best to keep it interesting for you, but I can't help if I have down days. Face it, some days are just harder than others and you wish you would have just stayed in bed.

Hungry little birds busy at the feeder.

 We feed the birds every winter, and have for years. The bird feeder is getting quite a workout on these snowy days. I wish I would have made it out to snap a pic of the 3 Cardinals and their mates plus the pesky Blue Jays. There is a squirrel or two that comes and makes a mess. I saw a Dove, and then I saw these.........

 A flock of wild turkeys.

Can you see them, the wild turkeys? They have been around since late last fall, about 18 of them in total. The slightest noise spooks them and they are fast to run and hide. I can't get over how huge they are. I have heard hunters in the distance in the past weeks but not sure about the hunting season for these birds. Anyways, I do get a kick out of watching them from my kitchen windows.

Close-up chemo cap with a Lucy flower.

So it is time to come inside and warm up a bit and show you all what I did awhile before Christmas. I was rummaging around in my yarn stash and happened upon this soft baby yarn (Caron Simply Soft) that I have had for years but I just never knew what to do with it. I decided to do something charitable and so I looked around the internet and found all sorts of patterns for chemo caps. This one worked up fast. I could make 2 in an evening while sitting watching tv with my husband. The flowers are a pattern from Lucy at Attic24. She is so charitable herself to share some of her pretty patterns. Might I also say the flowers are a great way to use up odds and ends of scrap yarn and can be used on just about anything..

The scrappy flowers made all the caps different.
 I was able to make a total of 22 caps. I worked on them until the Caron yarn ran out. One cap was given to a good friend who was passing it on to another friend who is fighting the battle. I gave another to a friend who sadly passed away several days after Thanksgiving. She loved the cap. May God rest her dear soul. She fought her battle for several years.

They kinda remind me of Flapper Style hats, something from out of the Roaring 20's.

Then I got busy and did accomplish a couple of afghans that I plan to sell.........

The Fiesta Shell afghan on the chair back is made from Vanna Yarn, and it is so soft and very nice to work with. It is so nice there is no need to block it. The large Granny Square is just made from scraps of a few different yarns I have on hand. I need to block it yet. And then came the scarves........

Some of the knitted and crocheted scarves.

I made a ton. I just got started and couldn't stop myself. Many were for gift giving and some for me, me, me! I apologize for the poor quality of the snap shots. I am still messing with the dials on the camera. Light or dark, to use the flash or not, etc., etc.,

Ruffled, Sea Weed, or Potato Chip pattern.

Just knitted garter stitch.

Same pic, yeah, I couldn't keep my fingers off the camera dial.....

Crocheted Ruffled scarf.

Another Ruffled scarf

Very soft, knitted.

I often mix yarns, this one is 2 strands knitted garter stitch. One yarn is a fancy funky yarn. I love the colors.

Knitted fancy fun yarns.

Just another close-up pic.

And that my friends was how I spent the months before Christmas...I have all kinds of ideas for the New Year. For one thing, I would like to finish up my UFO's. (Heavens, that could take the next 2 years!!) One idea I have and would like to do for Valentines Day is to have a FREEBIE GIVE AWAY DRAWING open only to all my FOLLOWERS, that idea is still in the works and I am debating what to offer up as the prize. Well, I am off to see my friend Debbie. I still need to get her Christmas present to her. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.   XOXOXO


  1. Hi Susanne,

    I must say, I enjoyed reading your birthday message. I think a lot of gloom was actually from the change of diet over the Christmas period - too much sugary, refined foods. My system can't deal that well with them.

    What a great idea using up your wool to make the caps.
    Sorry to hear about your friend.


  2. You rock Sue! What busy hands you have. I can't believe how many scarfs and hats you crafted. I really love making hats. I have found that the Vanna yarn is really great and I plan to use it a lot! I used it in the neckwarmers along with JoAnn's Sensations yarns. A great combo. OOOOH a giveaway huh?? Ok, as long as it doesnt involve knitting LOL - my weakest skill.


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