Thursday, January 6, 2011

PROJECTS IN LIMBO.......Episode 2

Another UFO. My youngest daughter Meghan's quilt. It hangs in old time quilting frames that use to belong to my mother-in-law. When she had these frames they saw a lot of quilting action......(apparently I was the wrong person to give them to?). The frames hang suspended by 4 jute ropes from hooks that are screwed into the rafters of my basement ceiling. The frame is composed of 4 long wooden boards that were hewn down so there are no rough edges.The boards are held together at the corner intersections by c-clamps. The bottom layer of the quilt is thumb tacked down first to the wooden frame. Then the batting is spread out and on top of that you place your quilt top (often referred to as a quilt sandwich). All layers need to be smooth and wrinkle free. I go around the entire quilt and gently pull the layers to smooth them and then I use rust-free pins to hold the batting and patchwork top to the bottom fabric. You need to take care not to rip the batting or cause loss of the loftiness. As you hand quilt and need to move closer inward to stitch on the quilt, the c-clamps are loosened and the end board is rolled (usually by 2 people), then it is re-clamped. When you aren't working on the quilt you just wind the hanging ropes around the ends where the boards cross at the corners. That way you can get the quilt up close to the ceiling and out of your way. I apologize for the snaps as I was playing around with the camera dials. To get the entire quilt in the picture I had to stand in the doorway of the room. The quilt is queen-size. It is a 9-patch set up with plaid blocks. Very country looking. I need to get busy and finish it!!
I definitely need to finish this!!

Close-up Scrappy 9 Patch
Fun blocks to make :)
Looks very old fashioned.
Glad this is going to my youngest daughter.

The possibilities are endless when making this quilt. It is definitely a stash buster and another trick is to cut tons of squares the size you want and play around with combos to see what looks best. It doesn't hurt to combine a few odd fabrics together because if you ever look at some of the older scrap quilts you will see odd colors and prints mixed in blocks. Grandma used what she had on hand. Often it was a good scrap of fabric from her wore out dress or grandpa's shirt. She couldn't worry if the seams matched, winter was coming and she needed to help keep her family warm. She didn't have a quilt sitting in the quilting frame for over 5 years like I have here. We are busy women these days even though we have many things to make life easier. More to come.........Episode 3 pending.............xoxoxo  *Note to self: find out what kind of wood the boards are made of in case someone wants to know. 

Sample block.

Another sample.

Detail of the hand quilting.

Sample block.

Light and dark set up.

Random block with print, plaid, stripes.

          *~ PIECE ~ TO ~ FIND ~ PEACE ~*


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