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Friday, November 21, 2014

Time In A Bottle

Here I am again, wishing for more time in a day, more days in a week. I have been so busy my friends. The summer yard work, the cleaning up of leaves and now the snow. In between all this, when time allows, I have been busy doing all the other chores and working the hook and needles. Those friends who want the slipper pattern, it is not forgotten, I will get it on here in the next couple of days. I'm sorry you have had to wait. I'm sure you have thrown your hands up in the air in frustration, but if you want the pattern for a quick Christmas gift do not despair, you can whip up a pair in a day, they are a fast pattern. I have lots of pictures to share also. So, I hope you are still following me and I hope you have all been well. I will have plenty to read I am sure for I know all of you sweet and creative women have been busy. Keep the faith ♥
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