Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coldest Day So Far....

Brrrrrrrr...... it is cold! Yesterday we woke up to about 5-6 inches of snow. My husband and I went out and cleaned the driveway. And, as usual, about 10 minutes after we finished the SNOW PLOW went by and the end of the drive looks like we never touched it! We have lived here 30 years, and this snow plow thing is like a ritual. It just never fails, like Karma (if you believe in that). I swear the guy who drives that plow must have some kind of built in radar that alerts him to the activity in our driveway..."time to do a drive by and shoot some snow in their driveway!"

Yep, it's more snow!

I should have taken my camera out and taken a picture, but after almost 2 hours out there we were both whipped. Besides, he was only doing his job and I will just roll my eyes again and be content that we have 4-wheel drive and can get out on the road if we need to :)

Ziggy tomato.

While scanning through my photos I happened across this snap shot of what I found growing on one of our plants 2 summers ago. I called it "The Ziggy" tomato, and anyone familiar with Ziggy will know of what I am referring

A fine mess, compliments of Miss Trixie Belle!

And I found this pic.....and the story behind this: I went to the mailbox across the road, I came up to the house and got side tracked doing something in the garage. Twenty minutes later I went in the house and when I walked around the corner from the kitchen to the hall what do my wondering eyes should appear but this mess! My beautiful yellow baby yarn strung from the living room all the way down the hallway! And there stood the she didn't have a clue as to who did that.........

Innocent or guilty..."Yarn? What yarn?"

Evidently doggies like to play with yarn as well as cats! I asked "Miss Trixie Belle" if she had a good time and she acted like I only had myself to blame for forgetting to confine her in her crate. It took me hours that evening to untangle that mess, but eventually it became this........

Popcorn stitch baby blanket.

My one girlfriend loved it and wanted to buy it from me. She oohed and ahhed because one of her favorite colors is yellow. In August she will be a grandma again and her new grand baby will be snug as a little buttercup.

It gives me great joy to be able to look through my albums and share pictures with all of you, maybe to give you all a smile, a laugh or just allow you to remember some funny happening in your life. Today my daughters are flying from Ohio to Nevada. I will worry till they are safely back on the ground again. This evening I go out to dinner with the girls from my old job. There will be 5 of us eating and catching up on what is new, and just enjoying each others company. It will be good to get out for awhile. Cabin fever is starting to set in a bit and I look forward to "girl time".....Tomorrow I will snap a pic of the sign that hangs right above my bed .....I leave you with it's words, this thought, a quote but I don't know who to give credit to for writing such beautiful words......

                                   "WRITE IT ON YOUR HEART 



  1. LOL, I can certainly relate to the yarn (mis-)adventures with the doggies!!! Can't get too upset because they're so cute, especially your little Miss Trixie. The blanket is lovely in that popcorn stitch. Stay warm and cosy where you are :-)

  2. Sue, we are cleaning up after tons of snow fell here as well. It's really cold tonight and will be tomorrow (the weather people think so anyway). Luckily, my cats don't get into my yarn unless I am trying to crochet with one of them on my lap. Then they want to "catch it". They do, however, have a habit of sitting on my laptop, sewing machine, cutting table, anywhere that ensures that they are IN MY WAY.. LOL. Your yellow blanket is so pretty. I love the pattern. BTW, I will post the corn chowder recipe for you. XOXOXO, Jean (Mimi)

  3. Boy, aint that the truth... they are lifes most precious gifts.

    If I were you, I would have made the dog crochet that blanket.


  4. its very cold here too and I'm so tired of the snow. beautiful baby blanket! my dog likes to play with my yarn too lol


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