Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My "Scrappy Coat of Many Colors" Afghan

My, how time just slips away. I feel like it is slipping right through my fingers and I can't slow it down. 
I looked to see when I last posted and it was in late October. Has it really been that long?
I didn't mean to be absent for longer than a week, but then the leaves started to fall and I spent several days cleaning them up. One day it was so windy that it was pointless in trying. 
Since I have posted I have been busy with yarn. 
I kept looking at the bag of scraps and racking my mind on what to do with them. 
I am a hoarder when it comes to waste not want not. 
I save every scrap of yarn and fabric. 
So, I share pics of the last project because there have been 2 other things and I will post them next time.

I call this "My Scrappy Coat of Many Colors Afghan"
The only other one that I know of is the first one I made 41 years ago when I was expecting my first baby.  
I still have it in my living room and it is still going strong despite all the abuse it has suffered over those years from family and my one little dog. It has been wadded up and used as a pillow, the girls use to hide under it and peek through the tiny openings between the dc clusters. Everyone has covered up with it and also wrapped themselves in it on chilly days and evenings. 
It has gone through the washer and dryer more times than I can count, yet it endures. 

So I grabbed my crochet hook 3 weeks ago and started another one.
There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme, only to try and keep similar colors from being too close.
My biggest headache came when it was time to weave the yarn tails in because you see, I hate doing that and kept putting it off. Next thing I knew there were hundreds of tails. I hate myself when I do that, I really should know better,

About halfway through I thought to myself I should have counted all those tails, or at least saved the pile.
It took me almost 4 days on and off to get them all done. One day I spent 12 hours straight working on them while marathon watching Hallmark Christmas programs. 
There were tails to do on both sides and on both edges and for a long time I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I am happy with the results and sent my youngest daughter some photos of the finished blanket.
It was a wonderful way of using up short and long pieces of leftover yarn.
She said it looks great. It is for her.

Next time I share with you the scarfs I did, one a knitted kit,  
the other a crochet pattern I found on my favorite site Pinterest.
Take care. 

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