Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello everyone. So sorry I have not been around much but life has been busy and some days there just aren't enough hours to do all that needs done. I have promised to write up and share that slipper pattern and please know I have not forgotten. Anyone who asked for it can be sure it is coming soon as I get some free time and when I am not so sleepy. The little bit of time I have in the evenings I force myself to keep eyes open and try to knit a bit. Lord only knows how crazy a job I would do trying to write up a pattern that late in the day. One evening I spent more time making mistakes. I believe I mentioned frogging the scarf pattern several times, then eventually changing the ribbing pattern to a garter stitch. I felt at least I was safe to knit every row. I was so tired of undoing rows to correct mistakes. That happens a lot when you try to do anything late at night when you are exhausted and too stubborn to call it a day. I might say I love to work with the yarn much better than to go to bed, but eventually sleep wins out. Many times I fall asleep in my chair to wake and pray I have not pulled my stitches from my needle. Most times I knit on a circular needle. I find it less cumbersome than straight needles and having to deal with 2. I will stop for now. I have been up since 6am and it is now 10pm....another long day ♥

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Can't Go For That

Ran across this a couple years back. Love it!

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers
singing Hall & Oats "I Can't Go For That"

I am finishing up H's knitted cap. All that is left to do on it is a nice pom pom. 
The knitted scarf is in the works as I write. It is a second attempt. The first one I tried to do in the pattern similar to the bottom edge of the cap, but it was turning out so bulky and thick, it just didn't go well with me. I did not like it, so you know the routine, I frogged it and started over. The pattern I am using now is the garter stitch where you knit every row. One thing for sure, I don't make any mistakes when it is plain ole knitting without fancy stitches or a pattern to follow. My grandson will not complain. He loves the hat already even without a pom.

There was one person interested in the pattern for the slippers. Linda, if you are reading this I will try to get it written down and on here. The granny square is easy, the sewing together is a bit tricky at first. I am thinking I will have to do some pics to make it simple. I'll try my best to post it before the weekend.
Hope all of you are doing fine. Have a safe week. ♥

Friday, October 3, 2014

Week In Review

My week, starting on Sunday, began with one of my small collections, my Kewpies.
I had read a fellow bloggers post where she had ventured into an Antique Shop and saw a few of these darlings. It reminded me of the ones I had stashed away.

Unwrap this and you get...........this.

Sweet little babies. They are packed away because I don't have a cabinet to keep them in. 
They are cute, but obviously catchers of dust, which by the way, I seem to collect too.

I always thought they were the perfect addition to a shelf in a nursery.

My littlest one goes well in my printer's box.

On Monday I mailed the package to the winner (Pammy Sue) of my Giveaway. 
She left me know she received it this week and said she was happy.

I also whipped together a tissue box cover for my mom. 
There was no pattern.
I more or less winged it and was happy with the results. 
The flowers designs were taken from one of my pattern books. 
I added the tiny yoyos in the centers using a French knot to secure them.
I still need to sew the flowers to the box.

Crocheted slippers, easy peasy. 
This is a pattern that has been around a long time.
I copied it from a slipper that my mil had made me years ago. 
There are 4 granny squares: 2 small, one medium, and 1 large. 
I made these for the Pink Slipper Project.

Now all I need to do is search for the address to send them to. 
If I can't find it then these will go to a local nursing home.

They make a nice stocking stuffer, great for giving to nursing homes to warm the feet 
when someone is in bed. They work up fast and wash up nice. 
I can make a pair in a day.
That is about all that is new. I did get my driveway sealed and my furnace checked 
for the winter. 
I mowed grass again for what seemed the millionth time. 
I babysat my grandson a few times and today it is raining.
I started a knitted cap for my grandson. It is on the needles now. 
Then I want to make a matching new scarf for him too. 
When those are completed I will show you.
Until then, take care and have a wonderful and safe weekend ♥
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