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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

I love this picture of Jesus. The artist, Akiane Kramarik painted it when she was 8 years old, after she had a vision. Today is Easter Sunday and those of us who are born again Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I guess I love this picture so much because of the eyes, the kindness I see there. I don't need to see His heart, I know it has so much love for all of us that it is over-flowing. No one could have suffered and done what He did on that cross had He not truly loved us. I can not imagine carrying the burden of sin for every human being. I hope all of you are having a blessed Easter holiday and remember that this day is not really about eggs, bunnies and candy-filled baskets. This day is what gives us the hope through faith for an eternal life with God and His son in heaven. There is peace in knowing that. I hope you all find your peace. May God bless and keep you all. I love you ♥

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday 2014

Once again I find myself trying to catch up. I do believe I am in a permanent state of doing that, never being done with any job long enough to move on to the next. It seems to be my cross to bear for the rest of my days. I try not to worry myself sick over it, but it remains a frustration, always on my mind that I am just not fast enough to ever stay ahead of the game, always lagging behind. So is my constant being, often upset with myself because being overwhelmed is not a good thing. It causes stress daily and at night it follows me to bed, and waits for me in the morning when I wake. It causes tossing and turning and restless clock-watching at night. I know many of you have the same problem and those of you who don't please tell me how you deal with it (or how you don't).

During these past weeks there have been several high points among the low. One was the Christmas cactus. I have 4 of them, all different colors, the one pictured is the largest of them all. During the winter months it sat dormant while the other 3 bloomed. Then a few weeks ago it surprised me and looked like this. And slowly it became this......

It was almost like the 3 smaller ones were blooming during the season of birth of our Lord Jesus, and now on Good Friday God has graced me with something beautiful to help remind me of a death and Resurrection. To show me there is beauty and joy even in times of sorrow. It also reminds me that all comes from and belongs to God. I do believe even though we are not suppose to put our treasures of things here on this earth, that God shows us he loves beautiful things just as much as we do. We are all beautiful in His sight, how could we not be, He created us.

Now, if any of you have been wondering what I have been dealing with these past few weeks, stick around and I will show and tell. They (the dumpster people) delivered the dumpster and the lumber company delivered shingles, lumber, siding and all the other supplies that were going to give my 2 out buildings their face lifts. Much to my dismay the crew started their work bright and early on a Sunday morning, 3 Sundays ago. They started out like gang busters, removing all the old shingles from the roofs.

I didn't document on which days what happened, but there were several days when the weather did not cooperate and the guys worked here, like on nasty weather days. What bugged me was they started another job (inside job) somewhere else and on some of the sunny nice days they didn't work here but were at the other place. I was annoyed, mainly because with the nasty wet weather came the MUD.

I don't mean to be mean about it, but some of the sunny days they could have been right here working and they were off doing a bathroom, then on rainy days they were here working in the rain which leds me to the conclusion that men are like turkeys, they have no sense to know when to come out of the rain.

Yeah, that is snow to the left in the above picture. Here in Northwest Ohio we woke up with 2 inches of snow. The day before it was 70 degrees. Much to my dismay all their equipment was covered with the white stuff. I was mumbling under my breath about how they could have had this job done if they would have spent those nice days here instead of somewhere else.

What upset me most was the ground was a muddy mess and once they got the new roof on the above building, they tracked the new shingles with mud. They tracked it everywhere, inside the building where they decided it was cool to store some of their tools, all over the little front porch, the deck in back of the house and the back porch where they put more of their tools and on my driveway that I just had resealed last summer. Now I know that they had to put their tools someplace and it was okay that they did, but it was the MUD tracked everywhere that got to me. There was 5 guys tracking MUD....I think you all get the picture.


The above pic is the completed wood shop. I think had my husband lived he would have been happy with what I had done with it. I had the new roof put on with shingles that have a 40 year guarantee and the vinyl siding so I don't have to ever worry about ladders and painting. They had to special order the siding because of the color. I wanted the old barn red similar to the color of paint that we picked out back when my husband built it. The shop sits on a bit of a slope and Rog had lattice work down all around the bottom. You can't see it here, but might be seen in older pics. The stuff was becoming an eye sore and after so many years it was falling apart. Animals like rabbits, ground hogs, and stray cats had also done their damage. Trimming close around it with the push mower didn't help it either. We came to a solution of closing up the bottom with treated lumber and adding air vents for some ventilation. I have a whole slew of hostas that I planted years ago on this side of the building. I see no sight of them coming up. When the guys worked on the siding they dug a trench all around to get the treated lumber down in the ground and when finishing up with the siding they trampled the wet ground so much it is now packed hard like concrete. I am sure if they were weeds there would be no doubt to their ability to spring out of of the packed earth. We will see.......

The little out building is all done too. They got the latch on the inside top of right door to help hold it in place so both doors are stable when they are closed. I am so glad these buildings are done, one less headache to worry about. I started on this project a year ago, trying to find someone willing to come do this. Now I can cross this off the "To Do" list.

In the evenings, in my spare time I did make a some things for the Guardian Grandmas Project found here. You can find out more by going to Debi's blog and searching in her right-hand column for the link to the sight. The first blanket and matching hat I wrote about in my Saturday, March 29th, 2014 posting. This second set is also a free and easy pattern that I found on the wrapper of Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn. You do have to go to the website LionBrand.com for the instructions. The number of the pattern is #90425. The instructions are for the blanket only, there are none for a hat. I just improvised and made one up, using the pattern stitch and sheer hope that I could pull it off. I sent both blankets and hats to Debi who made a video about them when they arrived. I am working on 2 more projects, one knitted and one crochet. My knitting is my portable project and of course I switch back and forth when I get tired of one then I work on the other.

I am ending this post on a sad note. On Saturday our family lost another good soul, my sister-in-law Dot. A lot of people called her "Dottie" although her name was Dorothy. I just called her Dot. I don't know if there was anyone who enjoyed life as much as she did. She knew how to have fun, she always warmed up a room with her presence and I can honestly say she loved everyone. She never took a bad picture, always photogenic. She loved to sing and play the guitar. One of her favorite songs was Amazing Grace, but she could belt out Proud Mary with the best of them. She turned 80 in October and in December she found out she had leukemia. The last 5 months of her life were so very hard on her and her husband (my husband's oldest living brother). We are averaging about 1 death per year in this family. God knows what He is doing even if we don't.

Rest in peace my dear sweet sister-in-law. I know you loved Jesus. You can sing for Him now in heaven. I love and miss you ♥

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Few Things to Share

If any of you follow me on Facebook then you know that I post a lot of things like yummy recipes. Needless to say, I have never made a single one of those calorie laden delights. I do also post healthy dishes, but the fattening ones basically out number those. I like to think that one day I will try a few when I am not going to be alone to eat them. They are kinda stashed away for the future if I need something that makes one drool. So, I no longer call it Facebook, but renamed it "Cookbook". It seemed more fitting. Then I also pass on neat ideas, postings on faith, quilting, crochet, knitting, and animal things. I try to avoid political stuff, it is pointless. All that brings me to this picture below........


this one is a picture from "dirtgirlworld" for a neat use of an old swing set that has lost its original use and re-purposed into a chicken run. Now how clever is that. I had to think of my blogger friends who are raising hens and wanted to pass this along. Unlike the standard chicken coop, this one can be moved around the yard so there are fresh bugs.

I wanted to add this quote from Kevin Hart. It was also posted to Facebook. My reason for adding this is because the other day I read my friend Kris's blog. She has been going through a lot of stressful moments because of her mother's health. At the end of Kris's post she put up a picture of herself and commented that she didn't have any makeup on and then pointed out some things that she felt were flaws in her appearance. This quote is for you Kris. I think you are beautiful just the way you are, and since it wouldn't be fair for me to not include all the rest of my blogger friends, I want to include all of you as well......you are all beautiful. My feelings have been quite raw these past couple of years yet none of you have insisted "I get on with my life" or "get over it". Quite a few have you have lost loved ones, so I know we are walking this road together. I am sure I am not the only one who has those tearful moments.

And last but not least I wanted to post this picture from WOWT 6 News, a picture of this darling sweet baby waiting for its daddy to meet it for the first time. He had been deployed and is from Bellevue. Now I know there are a few other Bellevues in the country and the Bellevue here in Ohio is just 15 minutes from where I live. I just had to post this picture. If it doesn't melt your heart then I don't know what will. From what I understand this photo went viral in a very short time. If you want to read the story then you can go to my FB page and get the scoop. You can email me to get my FB id for a friend request.


Now I hope I haven't stepped on any toes here and I tried to give credit where it was due. If I messed up then I truly apologize cause I sure don't mean any harm. I have a lot of wonderful things posted on my Facebook page. I guess if you were to see it you would know what is important in my life.

My next post will be about all the outside work being done around here right now. The last 2 days have been beautiful. Our temperature actually got in the 60's today. It was so nice. The weatherman says to expect rain showers the next 3 days, ugh! Until next time, take care and thank you for all your nice comments on my recent posts. Stay safe ♥

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Busy Weeks

Just because it remains cold and the weather outside is so unpredictable it doesn't mean that you can't bring some cheer indoors. In my travels through blog land I have seen a few versions of afghans/blankets that sport rows of flowers. I spent a whole evening looking and ran across this one which is called "Flowers in a Row". It is a free pattern on the www.redheart.com site. I am way past due to donate to the Guardian Grandmas and so will be sending this to Debi.

The original pattern is for a full-sized afghan but I made it smaller for a baby. There was no hat to go along with it so I winged it and made one to match. I think it turned out pretty good considering there weren't any instructions.

I used the same color scheme but for the hat I put only 2 rows of antique white between the flower rows.

The border on the blanket is with the pattern. It is nice and simple and goes fairly fast. Heck, the whole blanket went fast. I only repeated the color scheme 3 times. The instructions are easy to follow.

The brim of the hat can be folded over twice for a newborn baby or let down to accommodate a bit older baby.

Would I make this again, yes I would. The over all design reminds me of rows of tulips. I used worsted weight yarn from my stash. I did my own color scheme rather than use theirs. I just went with the colors you would normally see in tulips. I am thinking a pretty variegated yarn would make a pretty change.What follows are just some pictures of the blanket as it progressed. I might add that it is so close to being reversible too, which is nice.

I am presently working on another crocheted baby blanket. It is a Lion Brand pattern and another freebie. I will share all that info with you when it is completed. I will also be sending that one to Debi.

Now for what else has been going on around here. The weather is warming up a bit and then we have a blast of more cold and snow flurries. Last week on 2 separate days we got an inch of snow and by late afternoon it was all melted off. A week ago Friday I got stubborn and went out to my 2 apple trees with a bow saw and I trimmed both tree branches to about a foot above my head. My brother with a chain saw would have taken all of 15 minutes doing a job that took me 2 hours. I got myself a nice fall in the mud when I got my foot snagged on one of the branches on the ground. I was not hurt, just my pride and as far as I know, no one was around to see me although I'm sure to someone it would have been a Kodak moment. Dragging the tree limbs to the garden (where they will eventually be burned) was gonna have to wait. I promptly went into the house and called my brother who has promised to trim those trees, letting him know that the job was done and he could cross that chore off of the "TO DO LIST FOR SUE". He did come the next day to help me drag limbs to the garden, but arrived when there was just one left to do. He started up the chain saw and chopped the limbs down to a more manageable state. They are too wet to burn now. Maybe mid summer will be a good time for that.

Then I finally got a hold of a local contractor to put new roofs on the out buildings. I am also going to have them sided so that I don't have to worry about scraping and painting at a later time. The shed will get new doors too. Basically both buildings will get a face lift and so I won't have to worry about them anymore while I am still able to live here. The entire cost is a pretty penny, but there is no price for peace of mind. I am also in the process of selling off my husband's wood working equipment, that is a tearful job. The wood burning stove in the wood shop is sold too. I would like to one day put a vent less propane heater in that building and set up my quilting machine. That is all in the future and right now in the dream stage. So, what is new with all of you? I promised not to get behind on reading blogs but I don't see much reading going on in the next couple of weeks. Although I do not like working on Sundays, the contractors plan on starting in the morning. The dumpster and the supplies were delivered this morning. I am still baby sitting for my grandson and have to have some oral surgery done on Tuesday. I have a full week and pray the weather cooperates so that all this outside renovation goes smoothly and can be done as time permits. Hope all of you are doing well. Bless you and yours ♥

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SNOW, The New 4-Letter Word, Dolly's New Hat

I don't have much to show you all, sorry, just an update on what has been going on around here. Not much and personally if you clicked right off this page I wouldn't blame you.

Since my grandson's birthday we have had warmer weather and it melted tons of snow. You could see everyone was pretty happy to see it gone......then, another snow storm was on its way and late Tuesday evening it started and was blizzard-like by Wednesday. It snowed all day, we got 6-8 inches along with the blowing and drifting. There was a terrible accident on the Ohio Turnpike which is about 30 minutes from here. It involved about 50 vehicles, cars and semi-trucks. 3 people were killed. A highway patrolman was pinned between 2 vehicles while he was trying to help an accident victim. His legs were seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital. I sat around waiting, dreading that it could be my brother because it happened in the afternoon and he was working that day. Relief washed all over me when I found out it wasn't him, but how can you not feel bad too, knowing someone is suffering. Last word is that he is still in serious, but stable condition. He is a young man, in his late 20's. He probably has a wife and small children.

I was right in the middle of baking up some Toll House cookie bars while all this stuff was going on. I made 3 batches of treats for the 3 people who did random acts of kindness doing snow removal for me. Last I heard we have had over 80 inches of snow. That is a lotta snow folks. I walked across the road and gave Pete his cookies, and then next door to give Jeremy his. I called Danny and told him to come get his and if he couldn't make it I would venture to where he lives and bring them. He told me not to get out in this mess. Well, he better get here soon or his cookies will be history. I have already peeled back the Press & Seal to grab 2 and gobbled them right up. Yummy!

As far as crocheting, I did start a baby blanket which is now history. I am going to frog it, I just didn't like how the ripple was turning out. And, if you want to see what one of the colors is that I started out with, well then check out my Waldorf dolly with the new hot pink little pom pom hat. I grabbed up that blanket yarn and a circular knitting needle and started what I intended to be a preemie hat. I made the mistake of showing it to dolly. She snatched that hat out of my hands faster than lightening. She doesn't care if she has red hair and should be wearing complimentary colors of blue or green. If she likes it and it fits then it is hers, much like if it is a crumb and it hits the floor it belongs to the dogs, lol. Guess dolly has a new hat. The sweater was made a year or so ago. I loved making it and made several at the time. Sometimes it is comforting to just do a few small and quick projects.

I will finish up here with a gripe.....WINDOWS! There will be a new upgrade coming in April and they will no longer have support for the Windows I have on my pc. How sweet of them to suggest that a person buy a new pc. They must think we are all made of $. You can upgrade, I tried that from the notice they sent, but it informed me that in my region of the country it was not available. WHAT! I live in Northwest Ohio! Oh forgive me, I forgot. I guess with all this snow we are now considered living in Alaska. Is it safe to say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR now instead of BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

So what are your views on this new Windows thing? I am on my 2nd pc. I don't want to lose all I have on here. Any suggestions how I can copy it all and save it just in case. I am way too lazy to start doing a search when I have blogger buddies who make more sense.   Stay safe, stay warm, I am outta here!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Holden Turns 2

Look at that sweet face, now does that look like a "terrible 2"? My grandson Holden was 2 years old on Thursday, March 6th. It hardly seems real that he is that old already. Wasn't he just a new born yesterday? He is a happy child, full of life and fun. We will celebrate today with a small family pizza party. Mom says not to bring presents, he has more than enough. Ha! Since when does someone tell Grandma what to do, lol. His present has been bought weeks ago and it comes complete with a whistle (it is true, paybacks, lol). Now all we need to do next is buy the little guy a drum set. Maybe for the next birthday. His Aunt Meghan is a drummer, played 6 years in the school band. There are some free lessons just waiting to be tapped into. This is a happy time. The only thing missing is Grandpa. If he is watching from heaven then I know he is smiling too. Love you Holden ♥

Monday, March 3, 2014

TAAA DAAA Mom's New Blanket

Can you hear it, that big *sigh* of relief that came from me when the last stray loose end was woven in? It was accompanied with a load lifting from my shoulders knowing that I can now move on to something else. Mom wanted something with color, well, I think this ought to fit the bill. I plan to take it to her today. I am so glad that I asked for your opinions and that I didn't frog some of the center rows. Believe me, I was tempted. I did run into one trouble though, on the second half as I was doing the color scheme, I found that I was short on a few colors. I ended up improvising and picking from the stash a color yarn as close as possible to what I needed. I suppose if I didn't point out that issue that you wouldn't even know about it.

I absolutely loved doing this stitch found here. The only thing that I fretted over was the border. I didn't want it too fancy because the blanket was so strong with the colors I just didn't want anything too bold. Placement of stitches for it kinda put me off a bit too, going up the sides was a lot easier than doing the horizontal ends. I kinda winged it on that.

On another note, we got about another 5 inches of snow that started late on Saturday evening throughout the night to Sunday morning. It was still spitting snow around noon. I went out to shovel and my sweet neighbor across the street (he lives in a log cabin) came with his 4-wheeler with the blade and pushed the snow out of 95% of my driveway. I had very little to do and what a relief that was. All this snow removal has taken its toll. Years ago when I sprained my left ankle an x-ray revealed I have a bone spur on the bottom of that heel. It has never bothered me up until this winter. All the pressure from lifting shovels of snow has set it off and the heel has become quite painful. If it doesn't let up before long I will have to see the foot doctor. There is a lot of yard work to be done in the warmer months and that means being on my feet. I do not have the luxury of sitting all day with my feet propped up. I have also decided to get busy and start some spring cleaning. Do the rest of you find your housework piling up on you, or do you have some kind of magical solution to deal with it? My maid never shows up, she is worthless, lol. The worst room is my sewing/craft room and I have come to the conclusion that I spend more time messing it up and straightening it up than doing any constructive work in there. I did close off the heat registers and closed the doors on 2 bedrooms this winter to save on heating fuel and the sewing room was one of them. I only sit in this room to sew (and evidently to mess it up) and I haven't sewn as much as a seam in forever. It has become a hoard, how sad is that (do not be surprised if I am on the next episode). I know I haven't been blogging much either. Between all this crazy weather (we have broken the snow record around 75 inches this winter) and doing the bigger blanket projects I haven't spent much time on here. I do have plans for smaller fun things and want to share them with you. I love reading your blogs, I love that you all come and visit me. I love that you comment and share your thoughts and ideas. I think blogger buddies are the best friends a person can have, and I thank you from the bottom of my ♥. Until next time, take care, be good and may God bless you.
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