Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes, shamefully there are more, but they are basically small projects that could be finished in a day or two. No doubt I have bored you to tears and I won't torture you anymore with my UFO demons. One just needs to put their nose to the grindstone and make more of an effort. The main thing is to resist temptation and develop some stick-to-it-ness. But, there is one more unfinished treasure that I must show........................THE DOLLHOUSE

 The little girl in all of us wants a dollhouse. I guess I am still a little girl at heart. My daughters have one, but not like this one. Rachael took theirs when she got her own home. She plans to redo it because there was some heavy duty housekeeping going on back during when she and her sister were younger and played with it. I bought my kit on a whim and my youngest daughter Meghan (my partner in crime) helped me lug the box into the house and hide it under my bed. For over a year my husband and I slept over that box until 2 winters ago he was bored and said he had nothing to do....well yeah, he was surprised!

It took him just over a month to complete.
The interior needs to be decorated and as you can see even the tiny print wallpaper is waiting to be hung. The big box on the floor is filled with more tiny treasure boxes of furniture and anything one would want for housekeeping. There is a brass and canopy bed, tiny tables and chairs. There are some things I bought over 40 years ago, when I first got married and had no children..........Now I wonder if I need to check out peeps who would blog on miniatures......ohhhhhhh, and so it continues, my insanity for all things wonderful, no matter how small they be..............   *~HAPPINESS~CAN~BE~FOUND~IN~LITTLE~THINGS~*


  1. LOL You do make me laugh Sue. I don't think I could sleep over a treasure like that for more than a week! I wish I had the room for that beauty. I have my own demons though. I have too many sewing machines (not all working) and too little space. What will I do!!!

  2. I know what you mean. I have 2 sewing machines, one needs some repair, the other is working, but for how long? I have a serger (did I spell that right?) that I have had for years and never used once. I have a quilting machine that is still in the unopened what do I do, why I sit and crochet and knit, lol. I could open a fabric shop cause yes there are those totes under the bed (they kept that dollhouse company). OMG! I just realized something, there is now space for another tote for even more material! I don't have to vacuum under the beds, just dust the tops of the boxes and totes stored there, lol.

  3. Oh my gosh that is so cute....I can't believe you haven't gone crazy filling it. Stop by Cynthia's blog and you will get inspired. At least to do the kitchen. LOL Thats where I am going to start.....That is so cute!


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