Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Doldrums, Patch Grabbing

My first time planting cockscomb, and they were huge!

My giant sunflower :)
Today the sun is shining above the gray clouds. It is trying to peek through. Have you ever noticed that when the sun shines it perks you up? I could use more sunshine today. I hope where ever you are that the sun is shining or at least you can see the beautiful moon and stars. Some of my summer flowers came to brighten my gloomy mood and to remind me to smile :) I am like a magnet, drawn to Blogland. I seem to get very little done as far as my housework. While I am enjoying everyone's postings I can hear that little voice in the back of my head reminding me that there are things to do. I would much rather be crocheting, knitting or quilting.

I want to thank my friend Jean for trying to instruct me on how to copy and paste blog patches to my page. For some reason I still can't get it and it is frustrating. I have tried on 3 separate days yet no luck. When I paste the URL in then it tells me there are too many letters, so what the heck is up with that? I tried shortening it, having no clue how short (but it said 100 letters and I kinda questimated). And then it wants a description and I have no clue so I just typed in something i.e. "QUILTING" and it saved it, but when I came to my page there was no patch from the other blog, just crazy lettering and the word QUILTING......hence, I removed that mess. I even went to Help page and still not much luck. I am thinking, "now Sue, This has got to be easy and you are making it hard." So Jean if you read this post you will know I am still at a loss for this grabbing patches thing and some of you out there seem to be quite proficient in it. I will get over my stupidity just as soon as I pick up my crochet hook, or the dust rag.....whatever flies in my hand first, lol........I guess we shouldn't sweat the small stuff....hope you all have a good day. Piece for Peace........

My impatiens needing weeding.

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