Friday, November 30, 2012


So, I am FINALLY back to my keyboard and going to post a few happenings. It has been busy, it has been hectic, and this is coming from a woman whose only desire (when she retired) was to clean out her closets and wash down walls and windows, and get her house in order from years of giving it a lick and a promise to some day do a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Now I know most of you are thinking "what a nut, I could be thinking of a million things I would rather do than clean house." Well girls, so could I, I repeat, so could I, but I have always had this idea that to be totally happy while goofing off with my fun things to do, I had to have a spotless house so I could enjoy every guilt-free minute of playing with all the things like yarn, fabric and crafty items that I bought over the years. I have been retired from nursing about 2 and 1/2 years and I have not touched one closet. In fact, I have not lifted a dust rag in ages. I have been doing good to just keep my head above water and clean clothes on our backs. But I have been working the hook and catching up on all your lovely blogs, mainly the pretty holiday decorating you folks have been doing. One friend (she isn't a blogger) grumbled the other day that she had to decorate the tree. I wish I had some holiday spirit, it seems to have gotten lost in all the obligations throughout the months and weeks. Another person (I use to work with) told me "Gee it sucks to be you!" after I told her what we were going through. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Usually my skin is tougher than that, to let someone sting me with words that were more of a surprise than anything. I don't think she really realized how it sounded, the words that came out of her mouth. The thing was, she is so totally wrong, I wouldn't trade my life for hers. I have a husband I totally love and children and grandson who I love as well. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. Well enough of all this sappy stuff, you want to know what I have been doing and I want to share it.

OKAY, what the heck is all this "no room in the Picasa Album" cause I have totally filled my allowed space? Is this something new dreamed up to help clean out my pocket book? And how do I delete the photos in that album? I tried but there is no way to do it when I right click on the mouse. Maybe I don't want to purchase more space and would rather clean out unwanted pics to make room for those I would like to have in there now. 

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Will I ever get to posting those new pics? 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Back Again :)

No, I did not fall off of the earth, and yes, 
I am still alive and kicking.
These past 2 weeks have been plum crazy.
My husband has had another set back. 
One morning he had an oral temperature 
 of 102 degrees that landed him in the 
 ER and admitted to the hospital. 
 That night they transferred him by 
ambulance to Toledo Hospital. 
The fever lasted 2 days.
They never found out what caused it.
His platelet count was down to 14, very scary.
They released him and 3 days later he was back 
in the ER with a BP of 68/38. Another scare. 
Then soon after that it stormed one night and 
I shut down my computer and the next morning 
when I went to start it up nothing happened. 
So off to the computer repair man it went.
It was gone about 4 days and I went through 
some kind of withdrawal (of course).
I have been crocheting during most of this 
ordeal and will get my pics in order and share 
them on my next posting, that is of course unless 
some unforeseen occurrence should happen
heaven forbid!  
Hope all of you are doing well. 
I am still worried about all the friends 
I have that could still be suffering fro
Hurricane Sandy.

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