Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet Start to a Lovely Day

We got an early start this morning to Michigan.
It was cool and rainy.
Windshield wipers were on all the way.
Too warm for a winter's coat but cool enough for a jacket.
The trip home, a couple of hours later, 
was in fog. 
The rain had stopped.
By the time we got home it was sunny and a lot warmer.
I ventured out in the yard the other day and 
snapped a few pics of what was left of our last snow.
It was another day of sunshine, but cold.
I love how the sunshine showed up in this photo, 
filtered by the pines on the property line
between us and the next door neighbors.

I went out in the yard in search of green and this is what I found.
At the base of one of our trees was this bright clump of moss.
I could imagine tiny elves and sprites 
resting their heads on this,

or frolicking in this little patch of green moss.
I am so tired of winter and can't wait till spring.

Can you see them, those little green narci daffys?
I have 3 spots close to each other that need to be thinned.
Maybe this fall I will find some time to do that job.

My hyacinths are anxious to be up, 
oh how divine they will look and smell.
They are one of my favorite flowers.

But my very favorite flower is, yes, you guessed it,
my lovely tiny little Forget-Me-Not.
They come back up year after year. 
I do believe they reseed themselves.

Snow lingering in the shade of the deck steps.
Soon to be gone with the arrival of spring.
This has been a mild winter, I can't complain.
And so I leave you for now.
Hope the rest of your week is sunny and warm.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I did take time this past weekend to make some juice.
Buyer Beware, there are a lot of pieces to pre-wash 
and those same parts get washed again by hand.

The only thing I could see that was dishwasher safe 
was the basket with the tiny mesh for straining the juice.
It is the part that has the razor sharp tiny prongs.
They do provide a long handle brush to use 
to scrub it by hand.

I had some strawberries in the freezer,
thawed them out and added them to the batch.
Maybe that wasn't so smart since they were mushy.

The juice turns out frothy and separates easily.
It had granny smith apples and that gave it a tart taste.
The book suggested using a bit of lemon juice 
to keep the apple juice from discoloring. 
I am wondering if Fruit Fresh would work just as well.

And that folks is my first experience with the new juicer.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hexes & Chores

The hexes are coming along slowly, 
like the turtle in the race.

I work on them when time permits, 
and that is usually at the end of my day
when I am tired.

Today has been an especially busy Sunday.
My brother-in-law stopped by and brought chicken dinners
(there goes my will power).
I threw clothes in the washer and 
decided to rip the sheets off of the bed.
I have been doing all sorts of little chores, 
emptied the waste baskets and took the trash out to the garbage.
Emptied the compost bucket into the bin in the back yard,
and cleaned up doggie do.
While I was making the bed back up each of the dogs came to the bedroom door, peeking around the corner.
They know how to tell time, 
they know it is past their supper hour.
I left photos download while fussing with the sheets.
Always multi-tasking, that's me.
There is a Nascar race on in the living room. Earlier it was golf in Sinapore (women) and later it was golf in Arizona (men).
Evidently someone woke up from their nap and 
has been channel surfing while in the recliner. 
If I sit down in there I will fall asleep.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Newest Member of the Family

Two months have passed since my youngest daughter 
Meghan received her "bestest" gift 
at Christmas from 
her older sister (that is how she described 
it when she opened the Breville juicer).
Now before I get on to my own purchase of one, 
I need to explain 
about this daughter and her healthy eating outlook.
Meghan is my child who was always sick 
when she was younger. 
She went through several bouts 
of bronchitis, 
and she spent two stays
in the hospital in respiratory distress. 
One time I thought she was going to die.
She was later diagnosed with 
asthma and allergies.
When she was little I could control the activities 
she participated in. It was a completely different ball game when she got into college.
She didn't let an illness stop her even though 
as a mother I worried myself sick over some of the 
things she did as an adult.
 One thing she did was to enroll in Jujitsu classes.

That is her on the right when she was a winner
at the Arnold Schwarzenegger  
Martial Arts Tournaments in Columbus Ohio.

Then of course there was the time she jumped 
into November's ice cold
Lake Erie waters with a friend and that friend's mom. 
There is a newspaper article complete with photo, 
I just don't have it handy.
It made the front page of the Port Clinton newspaper.

Then there was several years ago 
when she decided to go sky diving.

All is well with mom when her child has their feet firmly planted on the ground, but........

what fun is it to keep your feet on the ground when 
you can do this....
She is my marathon runner and has a slew of metals 
 to show for it. She has been all over the United States.
She will be running the New York City Marathon this fall. She already ran a short marathon in New York City......

and her dad and I didn't even know she went alone,
(she will be the death of me yet).

This pic was not of that race, but another one here in Ohio
with a couple of friends from her work.

Okay, I have gotten a bit off track here....
and you are all probably wondering what is the point of all this...
the Christmas gift was a Breville juicer. The point is,
my sickly daughter through good food choices and physical activity
has not had an asthma attack in years, 
nor spent any time in a hospital (knock on wood).
And I am seeing more and more about the benefits of juicing.
Just recently I visited Simply Joolz at her blog here and she posted 
about her new Breville Juicer and had an interesting trailer by Aussie Joe Cross entitled "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". 
I think this is well worth your time to check out this video. 
Just scroll down to her Feb. 13th, 2012 post.

So now I have heard from 3 different sources 
just how wonderful this all is. 
I am determined to make some major changes in my eating habits.
I found myself on Amazon with my card points over $83 dollars 
worth and I decided to put them towards my juicer.

Two days ago it arrived, wow, that was fast!
I took it out of the shipping box.
I opened the top flaps and peeked inside.
I grabbed the instruction booklet.
Oh boy, another something new to learn all about.
I skimmed over the instructions.

The next day (yesterday) we had an all day trip to Michigan.
The juicer was still in the box.
We came home after 6pm and I eye-balled the box
still sitting in the living room.
I was just too darn tired to even attempt concentrating 
on the instructions.

I will, honest I will, wash the newness off of it and
juice up that fruit in the bowl.
It is time to stop running with a soda can in my hand
and grab onto healthy. I know all about
weight gain and weight loss.

I know all about good foods and unhealthy foods.
I know all about food choices and moderation.
I know all about lifetime commitments and back sliding.
I know how it feels to take in a breath before you bend over to 
tie your shoes. 
I know all about being tired of being tired.
I know all about diabetes,
it reared it's ugly head about 5-6 years ago.
And to add insult to injury hypertension hopped on board.
I know all about size 8 clothes all the way up to size2x.
 I know, I know,
 that is like your hips living in two different time zones, lol.
 I hate exercise, but I know it is necessary.
When I think of running I associate the jaunt to the fridge to stick my head in and check out what isn't nailed down.
I recall when I quit smoking, I gained 10 pounds every year for 6 years.....a whopping 60 pounds!!!!
I know that a person should not live to eat, 
but eat to live.
Weight Watchers......back in my early 30's,
I lost 90 pounds in a year on that program.
It took me a year to loose it
and another year to gain it back, 
and then some.
Honestly, I love that program, 
but not so sure about the points and if I would like them although my oldest daughter lost 40 pounds using the points plan.
I did it back in the day when you had to eat liver
once a week or take a vitamin tablet
 to compensate for hatred of liver. 
I could handle that, I love liver.
I rest my case.
So I will weigh myself in the morning. 
This gal has plenty of pounds to shed,
and needs to get back into the mind set of healthier eating.
I have a grandson coming soon,
 I need to be able to keep up with him.
What better way than to get juiced.
I will keep you posted on my progress.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home (at last)

My youngest daughter Meghan snapped 
this pic with her phone of the Cleveland Clinic helicopter 
landing on the roof top of the ER building.
This was one of the things my husband was able to 
see from his room window during his 19 day stay at the Clinic.
Personally I never got tired of watching the 
comings and goings of these aircraft.
They are amazing, the pilots and their staff are AWESOME.
They are truly lifesavers for so many in need.
Yes, we are finally home. 
It was so nice to kick the shoes off and just relax.
My husband has been doing well,
what a blessing!
His doctors and nurses have praised him for coming 
through a difficult time.
He is still on the road to recovery.
I have to take his temperature and blood pressure
two times a day. 
Because the transplant zapped his immune system 
we have to be careful about anything he comes
in contact with, including certain foods.
His body is rebuilding it's supply of white blood cells and the other necessary components of blood. 
You might be surprised at some of the foods he has to avoid 
for the time being, one is strawberries, another is anything from the deli, Subway, buffets, fresh mushrooms, fast foods. 
Anything that might be undercooked 
or has the possibility of mishandling. 
We don't realize how our bodies are able to fight off
even the smallest of organisms that the naked eye can not see.
Hand washing is imperative and of the utmost importance
(but then washing your hands should always be important). 
I know for a fact that just because someone looks clean doesn't mean they actually wash their hands. 
I recall years ago my husband telling of being 
in the restroom at work and a clean cut guy, in a suit, 
came out of
the toilet stall after having a BM.
He walked right past my husband and never washed his hands.
Later my husband saw that same man handling the fresh 
fruit in a bowl in the cafeteria.
Now if that doesn't make you want to puke 
I don't know what would, but it should also make you think,
and open your eyes to good hygiene and clean food.
I hope all of you have a good and healthy weekend.
Boy, it sure is good to be home!

Monday, February 13, 2012

RH Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

I need to post a photo! 
There, that one will do, ha!

Somewhere between here and there
I had a light bulb moment.
It was during my many travels in blog land
that I discovered just what it is that bugs me
about my yarn.
It just isn't up to par!!!!
Now I have used RH for ages, that stuff and I 
have history, we have been buddies forever.
BUT (yes, that is a BIG BUT you are seeing), 
I do recall lovely yarns when my friend Jean had her yarn shop.
Jean hated RH. 
It was as simple as that. 
She use to call it "cheap", 
but then she was in the business to sell quality yarn.
I could understand that some people just didn't have 
the extra bucks it took to purchase her yarn.
RH was more reasonably priced.
When she closed up shop, I became a backslider.
When you live in the sticks (country, boon docks, etc.)
you buy what is close at hand.
And then I read some of those lovely blogs from England and
Australia and I know many of these women live in similar places to where I live, out in no where.
A lot of them do live in villages where there is a YARN SHOP!!
Okay, I secretly have a love/hate relationship with these blogs, rubbing the pics of their lovely yarn right in my face, LOL! 
BUT (there it is again, that BIG BUT), 
I got smart, 
I have sat right here like a dummy for too long 
and finally wised up.
 I have the biggest store right at my fingertips, 
and I also have a couple of catalogs.
It did not help me (or maybe it did) 
to find Lucy as the very first blog I ran across
way back before I even realized what a blog was.
Just about everything she made looked like a rainbow.
Oh I know, she has a yarn shop close by,
she has blogged about it, lol.
She also has an excellent eye for color combinations. 
Now don't get me wrong, 
I still like my RH yarn, 
BUT (there it is again), I need to break loose and buy some 
soft, yummy, vibrant, delicious colors.
I intend to break the mold.
I have promised myself to use up the old stuff 
and treat myself to the stuff 
the rest of the gang is 
playing with. 
I wanna play too!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow, Feeding the Birds, Fons & Porter, Crochet, Hexes, Pets

I woke up to about 3 inches of snow.
I got dressed and hand shoveled 
the front stoop, steps, sidewalk, double drive, 
and the turn around.  

It took me about 2 hours,
yeah, my back is suffering.

Once the sun hit the asphalt it melted quickly.
No slick icy spots to worry about.

Then I filled the birdfeeder.
It took them all of 3 minutes to find the bird seed.
They were waiting.

Isn't he beautiful? 

And what about this little guy, 
all puffed up and trying to keep warm.
I took the bird pictures from inside the house.

It was time to get myself some hot coffee 
and to watch one of my favorite programs....

and wouldn't ya know it, just as I was settling right
into the chair and concentrating on what was on the tv, 
the phone rings. I missed about 5 minutes, drat!
Does anyone know what has happened to Liz Porter?
Maryann Fons's daughter has been on the show for months now. 

So that is how my Saturday started and now I am off.
My goofing around break is over. 
I have visited a few of my favorite blogs 
and added my 2-cents worth
whether they needed/wanted it or not.
 I need to do something 
constructive, like fold sheets,
scrub the stove top or kitchen sink.

Later I will plop my bottom in my easy chair 
and work on my hexes. 
I have 2 rows done now. 
I am back to making more motifs.

And when I walked past the kitchen door I spied this.
Some folks just have it made.
I think he has the right idea.
Lucky dog!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day, Crochet, Hexes, Awards, Collections

 Oh my, it is February.
I love Valentine's Day. I am a romantic at heart.

il bacio, the kiss. 
I love this print, 
I have it in my living room.
the expression on the little girls face on the right is priceless.
The photographer is anonymous, 
but it looks to be taken in the 20's or 30's. 

And then I love my patriotic heart doily
which I found a few years back on Ebay. 
The daughter of the woman who made it thanked me
because her mother made a little cash on the side with her crocheting hobby. I fell in love with the doily 
because I have my front room decorated 
in red, white and blue, and this little item
was so different from other doilies. 
I have thought maybe to tea dye it, but still debating.

I promised to show the progress of my hex blanket.
If there is a good side to sitting at the bedside of someone
who is ill, 
then it would be keeping oneself busy with
playing with some yarn 
and silently counting stitches.

Putting hexes together by the join-as-you-go method
has got to be the best discovery since sliced bread, lol.

Now I mentioned to Kate over at The Garden Bell 
(link on sideboard) that I made a stop at Walmart 
and some yarn fell in my buggy. 
I now have more than plenty to give my blanket 
more variety in color. You folks really need to go visit Kate.
Check out her yarn dying and go back in her archives and have look at the beautiful things she has hooked up with her 
hand dyed yarns. She is amazing!

 I need to mention that during all this running 
to and from Cleveland, 
during all the hub bub of running around like 
a chicken with my head cut off, 
being beside myself with tying up loose ends 
and from ripping the hair from my head....
I was nominated by 2 lovely followers and given 
I intend to address the necessary things one does when 
one is so graced, that is, when I have more time to do that.
I have wanted to do another post on Collections, 
and the last pic on this post shows you one of my very favorite
collections of miniature hard back books. 
More to come on that one.......
till then keep the faith, hang tight
and have a nice evening.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the Winner is......pick me, pick me, pretty please

Okay dear folks, the GIVEAWAY is officially closed. 
A winner has been picked.

There were 13 people who joined in for the fun.

 And I wish all of them could have been winners.

Names were written on paper and then clipped apart,
folded and the lid placed on the container.
Shake, shake, shake, mix them up well.

And the winner is........

Congrats Melissa!
I will be contacting you for your address.
To all the other followers who participated, 
I thank you for being a follower and visiting me. 
Hope you continue to come back and try again for the next GIVEAWAY.
Melissa mentioned Conversation Hearts in her comment, 
I hope she likes the surprise item.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Back From Cleveland

Hello friends. 
I have returned from Cleveland today.
It has been a long 4 days.
My husband was admitted Monday 
and received his mega dose of chemo on Tuesday.
Wednesday was a day of rest for him.
Thursday he received his own stem cells.
And now the recovery begins, 
the count down till discharge day.
His stay will be 21 days total.
I realized just how child-like an adult can be, 
first asking one person and then another how 
many days till he can go home, 
as if the story would change, 
and the actual facts would differ.
It reminded me of a child who asks mom for something 
and is told "no", 
only to turn around and ask dad for the
same thing because he thinks the answer will be in his favor.
It is only natural to want to go home where you are the most comfortable. We both know he has to stay where he is for 
the time being. He is in expert hands, many of the care givers 
have  20+ years working on the bone marrow transplant floor.
I can rest well knowing he is well taken care of. I will go back in a few days and family will visit him,
filling the void till I return.
There are things needing attention at home. 
The dogs came back from the kennel acting like they hadn't 
seen me in years instead of days. The mail needed picked up at the post office and bills need paid. 
I have his laundry to do and to take back with me when I return.
He is not to use a safety razor because his platelet 
count will drop to an all time low. 
Care has to be taken for him to not to cut himself. 
I need to buy him an electric shaver.
He has not used one of those in years. 
And it is great to learn something new every day, and we did.
Do you know that when they harvest your stem cells 
they clean them up and preserve them? 
They freeze the cells till the time of transplant. 
The preservative they use smells like corn.
When the patient receives their cells they will smell like corn.
You can walk past a patient's room and know that day they received their transplant stem cells.
 We joked that we would bring a stick of butter, lol. 
The chemo messes with your mind. 
They refer to that as "chemo brain". 
It makes you weak and tired.
There is so much more you learn 
and what I have told you is just a drop in the bucket. 
I think I have rattled on long enough for now.
I will end this post with a few more things, one being info about my January GIVEAWAY.
I am a few days late with picking a winner and will commence 
to do that tomorrow, when I am not so tired and refreshed.
I know I have kept all of you who have participated waiting
so long that you have probably forgotten,
but rest assured, I have not.
This has no doubt been one of the longest running 
giveaways in blog history 
and for your patience I plan to reward you. 
Had I not been in Cleveland these past 4 days your package 
would already be in the mail.
Also I did take my crocheting along with me and I plan
to get up some snap shots of the progress. 
I spent many hours at the bedside with a yarn needle tucking in loose ends on hexes.....and hating it. 
I admit that is NOT my favorite thing to do....
I think you have heard me whine about this in the past, 
forgive me. 
All the time I was whining I was thinking about sewing instead. 
Now why do I do that? 
Well, one good reason that set off this chain of thought was that I saw this striped owl 
in one of the many hospital
gift shops and it was so darn cute, 
but the cost was terrible, 
and in my mind I told myself 
I could make that out of material. 
I still have not taken my camera to the hospital. 
I keep intending to do that. 
There is some awesome artwork 
throughout the place, 
(and of course that owl that is going to 
bug the crap out of me and
 I can't walk past the gift shop window without spying it out). 
My husband's room (11th floor) has a very close 
overhead view of the rooftop
where the helicopter pads are located for the ER. 
There is activity going on there 24/7.
Well, enough about all this. 
I hope I have not bored you to tears, 
but this is my life here lately in a nutshell .
I hope all of you are well, and I really need to catch up on what everyone has been doing these past several days. I have blogs to read, new followers to visit and thank, and if I have missed someone then please come and remind me to take notice. 
It is Super Bowl weekend and I am sure all of you fans are excited
 and busy planning some fun.
I love my followers and thank you all for hanging in there 
and being patient with me. 
I will be back tomorrow.
♥ God Bless You All ♥

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