Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold Outside, Warm Kitchen

I got up this morning and took the recyclables down to the collection township house. We make this trip once a month. It doesn't stop there, I also have a compost bin in the back yard where I throw all my coffee grounds, fruit and veggie peelings and of course weeds. It is amazing when you open the bottom door and see how it all breaks down into black usable soil. We do our small part to save the earth. We are but one drop in the trickle to the small stream that goes to the river, and then to the lake that leads to the ocean. The one grain of sand that helps make the beach.......

 Oh my chores did not stop there, I went out and did some fun work, cleaning up after the dogs. I am sure none of you want or care to have me post a snap shot of that dirty job. Enough said!

I tore the sheets off of the bed and into the washing machine they would be so nice to have warm weather because then I could have had some nice fresh country air and warm breezes to dry my sheets and sleeping tonight would have been so relaxing. I am thankful for the clothes dryer though.

I did not get an early start to my day so our breakfast would be called "brunch". Those of you who live in foreign countries are lucky enough to have open markets where you can shop several times a week for your fruits, vegetables, fish, etc.. Around here if you don't grow it yourself in the summer then you can go to a few local fruit markets that are run by the farm owners. A nearby town closes off it's downtown area and they hold a farmer's market several times during the warmer months. I am told it isn't all about the produce, but some people even bring their crafty items to sell. I am hoping to get a chance to investigate it this summer.

You missed a good, where were you?
I can't speak for the rest of my country, but only my little corner of the world. There could very well be open markets in the warmer parts of the US during our winters. Yesterday I stopped at the grocery and happened to run across the prettiest mix of fruits. They look yummy don't they? They made the perfect compliment to our brunch.......

Eggs, bacon, home fries, toast and some fruit, apple jelly and coffee.......the artery clogging, heart attach waiting to happen breakfast, the nightmare of every cardiologist on earth.......well, they would approve of the fruit and apple jelly and maybe a few bites of the toast........but it sure was good, this country breakfast........

I re-read my posting and realized that only a nurse could talk about dog poo in one breath and then food in the very next. Forgive me, but it seems like today has been a slow day and I am reduced to either boring you all to tears, gagging you or making you very hungry, lol. If nothing else I have made you laugh and want to come back again on a new day when the air is fresher and so is my posting. God Bless and keep you all in His good to yourself, and most of all, be good to others. Peace :)


  1. Yummy! What a great looking brunch! I wish my day was even a tenth as productive as yours. Although, my sister and I did make a trip to JoAnns to buy some yarn. I need to make a baby afghan for a baby shower in March. I must start it soon or I will never finish it in time. Not because I don't have the time. I just don't use my time efficiently LoL.

  2. Hi Susanne, LOL as I was reading your post...SAME EXACT things I usually do on a Saturday. From dog poop to laundry to breakfast! That is our kind of weekend breakfast...comforting isn't it? Have a lovely day :-)

  3. Just love your country living. When I travel to France, England, I typically want to visit farmer markets. You eco-friendly living is what I'm looking forward to. I'll do my bit to save the planet. Thanks for sharing this.


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