Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy Morning & February Giveaway

Yesterday afternoon I went in the basement and low and behold what did I find but our potatoes from the summer's garden were sprouted, and I don't mean just a few little sprouts, but these whopping ones! And to make matters worse, there is a 5-gallon utility bucket, also with potatoes, sitting on the floor right next to this basket. The basement is the coolest place in the house. We shared with our family, but this last crop was a bit more than we can manage to eat up. With an empty nest I don't cook like I use to. My husband usually keeps the "POTATO & ONION" bin full and had mentioned the spuds were sprouting, but heavens, I never realized they looked this bad. If it was planting time we could plant them, lol. Awhile back we made potato soup and it was yummy. Then there was an evening when I mashed some up to have with dinner. I am trying to figure out what I can do to salvage them. I don't believe in waste. 

More sprouts than potato!
So potato salad it was, only no eggs in the house (I need chickens!), I ran into town for some (lol, not chickens, lol but eggs, ha ha ha ), came back and made up this delectable batch of calories......yeah, I know it is winter, but at our house we do not discriminate, and if it is tasty we eat it....besides if you can still buy it at the deli, then you can still make it in your kitchen. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter homemade potato salad rules!

My homemade potato salad.
I received the nicest comment from Terrie in Hong Kong. Thank you for your sweet words. Yes, I have a few pictures of my daughter's big ole cat Jack and one of her other cat Tootsie. So I post them just for you dear girl. As you can see, he is a hefty cat weighing in at around 25 pounds!

Meghan's Jack.
Jack again.
And then there is the elusive Tootsie. Hiding in the plants and watching birds & squirrels.
I did get a chance to crochet a bit on the baby shawl and it is coming along beautifully. As much as I enjoy working on it I am really trying to resist the temptation of starting the sweater, cap and booties. Now I know for a fact if I started the sweater I would want to work again on the shawl, so I will just go ahead and be firm with myself. It doesn't help that I jump from all of the blogs and see what everyone else is doing. I am beginning to think of myself as a spoiled child, "I want to do that too! Let Me! Let Me!" I think you all get the picture. I haven't done embroidery in years and all of a sudden after looking at Vicki's beautiful work over at turkey feathers, it makes me want to get out the floss and needle. Forgive the quality of the photo. It was taken this evening and the lighting wasn't the best.
Baby shawl, a work in progress.
Now I have something to show you all...my new coffee/tea/cocoa mug. The coffee I made in it today was scrumptious and I have a green mug also. The best part is that you can have one too because I received 4 as a free gift for my purchases at a local craft store. I don't need them all so I have decided to offer up a "free giveaway" to my FOLLOWERS starting on February 1st and ending on Valentines Day on February 14th. The name of the winners will be posted on the 15th. Yes, I said "winners" for I plan to give away a pink mug to the first name drawn and a green one to the second name winner. So folks, you have 2 chances to win. Now what you need to do is come to my blog and post a comment on any of my posting done during that 14-day period. Tell me who or what you love and why you love it. That's all you have to do. I will contact the winner by email for a shipping address, so please check here, on this blog on the 15th to see if you won and I will post my email address so you can send me your mailing address. Good luck!!

My new mug.

Inside it says,  "Knit one Slip one".

Comes in a box of course.
The handle.
Green one has all the same features, it is just green with a bit of a different yarn design.
So my dears, I will leave you with gentle words and kind thoughts........ Peace                 


  1. Oh, Jack is smart ! I love black & white cats so much. He's a handsome guy with snowy feet, white colar. I want to hug this hefty boy and hope I can do my ceramic with his feature. The coffee mugs are beautiful. Lucky winner would love all. I was told that potato with spouts is poisonous. Is it so?

  2. I know this is a lot of calories as well. but you can mash some potatoes crumble a little bacon in it put it in a casserole dish and put provalone cheese slices on top cook on 350 until cheese has melted it is out of this world. Just a thought for all those spuds.
    have a blessed day!

  3. I love potato salad anytime of year. I guess I should check on my potato bin. I have a lot of small yukons left that I thought I would dice up and use in corn chowder..Yummmmmm The mugs are so cute Sue. I'll be sure to leave a post.

  4. Yummo potato salad...

    Great new mugs too, just perfect actually...

    Jodie :)


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