Sunday, January 9, 2011


Okay, I am here to amuse you. I will admit to doing a stupid thing this morning. I was checking out my FOLLOWERS and in the process I managed to make myself one, I tried to "undo" my stupid move I got a bit frustrated and decided that maybe I should just leave it alone, I mean, after all I do follow my blog don't I? I am so glad there is a HELP button. I felt soooooooo much better when I saw that I was not the only "BANANA" (as one gal labeled herself).....I did get myself off of there, finally, thanks to other peeps who are willing to help, lol.

Yesterday I took my friend Debbie her Christmas present. She is a gardener and loved the amaryllis. She has had one in the past but didn't realize that after danger of frost you can plant them outside and then bring them back in during the fall to enjoy their bloom again. We were "enlightened" when reading the box. It had a tiny sprout, but I swear that when I got ready to leave it had grown to about an inch. It must have been quenched for thirst, soaking that water up like a sponge. The package promised a red bloom with many stems. We will see. She got me a lovely set of serving dishes......

Debbie's Christmas gift to me. Lovely!

My oldest daughter came for a visit this afternoon and we tried out my gift. I do think they will get a lot of use in the future.
Now I feel like throwing a party, or cooking something up. I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful friend. Thank you Debbie. I Love You!!

Testing out the pan....lasagna!


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