Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Snow Solutions, Chili For Chilly

 Good morning from snowy Ohio. Sitting here with cup of tea and wondering just what I should post today.

Hubby's woodshop.

Don't eat yellow snow,lol


            Hot chocolate, sleds, mittens, scarves, boots, snowflakes, snowmen, fireplaces, chili.....
                                           speaking of chili.............
                            I made a big yummy pot yesterday.

Lunch! Tastes even better the second day. Yum!!

While rummaging around in the kitchen I happened upon my potholder drawer and some of the small treasures inside...surely just about all of you know what this style is and where it comes from.....little  fingers kept busy stay out of trouble.....well used, washed and worn, Rachael and Meghan's masterpieces...

The treasured collection from my kiddies when they were little.

WHY YES!!! It is sooooo pretty! Mommy loves it!

                  Okay, now I am teary, memories are flitting through my head.

The well-worn patchwork potholders from my sweet mother-in-law.
There are plenty of store bought potholders in my kitchen drawer, but these made especially for me mean the most. My children are grown women now with homes of their own, my mother-in-law is 93 and has very little memory only snippets of this and that. She was born and raised in the mountains of Kentucky. She had 12 pregnancies, but only 6 of her children lived to be adults. Life was hard, she knew how to work and spent her days caring for her family. She taught me to quilt, something she learned at a very early age. She started at a young tender age by sewing little clothes for her doll. She and her husband raised their family, a garden, had pigs, chickens and a cow and what they didn't have they did without. There was lots of love. Very little was bought from the store, some flour and sugar, maybe a few other items that they couldn't raise themselves. They butchered their hogs and beef, and she could cook! She taught me to can and freeze the produce from my garden. She taught me so many things, but most of all how important God and family are. She never ceased to give thanks for little things and delighted in all good things. She knew about blessings and about grief. She is still alive, but I miss her........

Rachael & Meghan.
Edith, my sweet mother-in-law.

And with these thoughts I will hush for today. I really do need to get some house cleaning done and maybe a little time with my crochet hook.......take care, XOXOXO


  1. Chili does sound good today. Sue, you have been blessed with a wonderful MIL who has helped you to be as talented as you are today. If you can teach just one person some of the things that you now know, it will be a great tribute to Edith. She sure does look sweet and I bet she was feisty in her hey day LOL.

  2. aww such sweet memories, thanks so much for popping by my blog x

  3. Love reading your blog and know someone in the other side of the planet. Your crafts are amazing and your care is tender. Your mother-in-law is sweet. Great that you got her talent of quilting. I'm also new in blogging and encountered some problems, such as posting pictures and editing. Thanks for visiting my blog. Would love to see your daughter's 25-pound cat !

  4. Sweet memory keepsakes for sure. I so enjoyed reading about your mother-in-law. As I have grown older I have come to realize that most of the time, those who have had very little in material things are the most thankful for what they have, and what they have lacked in material things was far, far outweighed by the love of family and friends. My mother-in-law is also a quilter but is no longer able to do quilting because of strokes and macular degeneration.


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