Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

                   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

In our younger days we could burn the midnight oil with the best of them, stay out till the wee hours of the morning and celebrate the New Year. Maybe it is just a sign of old age, I don't know, but we haven't gone out for New Year's Eve in ages. We are content to remain at home and pass up all the celebrating. My husband (my noise maker) usually falls asleep in his recliner and quietly snores out the old year and brings in the new one. I will sit with my needlework and watch the celebrating on tv. Our new year will started out with some challenges. The saying "what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger" comes to mind. My sincere best wishes for all my family and friends to have a safe and healthy New Year. Give thanks for what you have. Life is short, make the most of what blessings God has given you. Don't forget to be thoughtful and thankful. Pay good deeds forward when you can. They don't go unnoticed because it makes someone's day brighter. It can only make your days brighter also. Leave burdens to God. Sometimes the only place to go is on your knees. God is expecting you..........

2010 Winding Down

When I was young I did not worry about time. Special occasions always took forever to arrive. I noticed time went into full speed ahead when my daughters graduated from college and moved away from home. Although there was places to go and times to be there, I never gave much thought that I was getting older in the process. One great thing about the empty nest is that maybe you can be blessed to have some fun and do what you want to do for the remainder of your days. It is a race against the clock to accomplish it all.....impossible for me. First off I have this sewing room, aka craft room, that if I left you see it you would swear I was one of those people that you see on the show "The Hoarders". This room use to belong to my oldest daughter and I moved right in after she moved out, lol. I amazed myself by being able to fill up the closet with "stuff" and eventually it gravitated to the remainder of the room. I have organized and straightened this mess up numerous times only to find myself once again making a mess when I have to dig around for what I need for the present project. Alas, there is a path to this desk leading to the door. It is a wonder I have not had to lay out a trail of bread crumbs to find my way out of here. I would post a pic but I would put myself to shame. Oh, I am sure I am not the only one who can boast of chaos in a craft room. I swore I would not make New Year's resolutions to break, but this is one promise I will keep and it is to busy myself with making this room neat. There is a method to my madness. On another note I have been trying to learn how to work my husband's camera and post pics. It is a SONY Cyber-shot and takes good pics when the person who is operating it knows what the heck they are doing. So forgive me for pics that aren't magazine worthy. I am is a peek of the baby blanket that I am presently working on.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peace Of Mind

Here I am again, up late. My intention is for this place to be a happy one where everyone who comes here will enjoy their stay and come back. Forgive me, but yesterday was not a good day for a loved one who is having health issues, and so now I worry. My medicine of choice is to stay busy. I can lose myself in my needlework and so I decided to pull out some baby yarn, a crochet hook, pinned down a fairly easy pattern for something bigger than a breadbox, but manageable. I found a pretty pattern, a baby blanket that is done in a simple shell stitch. Oh I know, you might think that is just too boring, but believe me, right now I need the simplicity, because every now and then my mind will snap back to reality and how "life is what happens when you have planned something else." As soon as time will allow, I will post a pic of this project, in the meantime I will try and think positive thoughts......after all the glass is half full, is it not........Peace to all, God is good   :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's All New To Me

I have decided to take the leap and try my hand at blogging. My first thoughts were can I really do this and is there anything that I can contribute that anyone will even want to read? I do hope what I post is helpful to others. I guess no one really knows unless they get their feet wet, so sink or swim, here I am. I discovered the "blog" about 2 months ago while having another night of insomnia. My travels on the internet lasted until about 5am as I went from one spot to another, like an addict I entered the labyrinth of blogs written by so many creative souls. I will admit it started with Lucy and her Attic24 site. Such a nice place to visit. From her site I went willy nilly for hours and bookmarking so many things I thought for sure my computer would crash. I was hooked! I passed my husband in the hallway as I drug myself towards the bedroom and he headed for the kitchen. "He knows I am crazy now", I thought to myself. My loving husband of 40 years, father of our two grown daughters, the one who has watched me crochet, knit, quilt and do so many other things (including rip out stitches). As the yarn flows through my fingers it connects to the strings of my heart......all those homemade items, labors of love, things for our home, gifts for family and friends. So I will end this first posting and work on getting this blog off on the right foot. There is so much for me to learn and figure out. God Bless You...wishing a safe and Happy New Year to you all :)
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