Thursday, January 6, 2011


Look what I have here....the end result of my love of quilting and miniatures. My husband, who is a woodworker, made the clothesline and the mini birdhouse. I made about 6 of these mini quilts and I think I sold 4 or 5 when doing a craft show. One even went all the way from Ohio to California. Please excuse my lack of photography skills. I may become proficient at photo snapping one of these days.

Mini String Quilt.

It takes me about 48 hours to make up one of these mini quilts. They are machine pieced onto graph paper, then I use a piece of flannel for the batting and muslin for the backing. I hand baste the 3 layers together and then I hand quilt. The binding is store bought binding because I need it to be thin in width. It is sewn on by machine then hand stitched to the back. This String Quilt was hand tacked using light weight crochet cotton. The last step was to tea dye it to give it an old antique look.
Mini Crazy Quilt.

Crazy Quilt On Quilt Rack.

This Crazy Quilt was done in small patchwork squares and tacked.

Crazy Quilt on rack.

The first mini quilt I ever made and I was hooked!! This one is hand quilted and tea dyed. I am not sure what the pattern is called, I just decided to do this design off the top of my head. And then I completely lost my head to doing these sweet little things. This one sits on a shelf in my laundry room, but they look good anywhere in a country decor.

Back side of quilt. I use tiny prints for all of these quilts. One lady bought one for the bed in her dollhouse.

The little birdhouse my husband made. Looks like there is an occupant. Nesting material is hanging from the opening.

Each quilt is tea dyed, signed, dated and numbered.

Full view of quilt with it's wooden clothes pins.


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  1. How did I miss this post??? I can't believe how cute these quilts are. You are awesome!!!


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