Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Day of August & The Bookcase

Can you believe it, today is the last day of August.
This summer is a blur of scorching days 
and warm nights.
I don't know about you but I am so ready for 
cooler weather. School has started around here.
The buses are running twice a day.
This evening there will be thousands of 
football games played around the country. 
Years ago we use to be a part of those, 
when our daughters were members of the 
school's marching band.
It won't be long and leaves will be turning and 
pumpkins will be showing up on doorsteps.
I always loved fall. 
Working outside on cool days 
and coming into the house with something 
smelling good in the crock pot, getting all cosy 
with a quilt or afghan blanket in my favorite chair, 
reading a good book or watching a movie.
But the bestest thing is continuing the love affair 
I have with my hooks & needles.
Fondling the yarn, does that sound bad, 
hopefully only in a good way, lol.
So, that brings me back to my current 
affair with this new (to me) pattern.

Oh, do I love this one!!!!!
I added a few more rounds last evening and 
if it wouldn't have been that my eyelids were 
getting so heavy I would have played around 
with it some more. 
I love how it is turning out.
I love that it is eating up some yarn. 
I love how scrappy colorful it is.
I love how simple the pattern.
With every strip of color added you will be 
using more and more yarn. 
Eventually it will take more time for each 
color and more of that color. That is okay 
with me cause that is what I want is 
to use up this stash yarn.
But, I do have plenty more yarn, a tote 
full of soft lovely Vanna and 
a basket full of beautiful, soft Stylecraft.
I have been saving these for another time.
Well, enough about me and my passion.
You folks will be seeing a lot of this 
blanket as it progresses and will be sick of it 
by the time I get done playing with it.

When I came into the living room to snap the pic 
of my WIP I spied someone in hubby's chair.
Can you see him, peeking out the corner, 
waiting for his buddy to come home, lol.
If you want to know what the best seat is in the 
house, just ask the dog, lol.
Miss Trixie usually lies behind the chair 
but is in her crate sleeping. 
She is too short to jump up on anything.

I have been wanting to do a post on the things 
my husband has made for us (me, me, me).
I should be ashamed to even show this in 
it's present state because it is in such a 
shambles. Yes, if you look closely you will 
spy Waldo, lol, no just kidding, you will spy 
a can of Pledge furniture polish.
The maid must have left it there, ha ha ha.
I will surely have to get onto her about that!
We are book lovers from way back.
At one time we belonged to 2 book clubs.
I had boxes of books, in the closets, under the beds, 
here and there and what seemed like everywhere.
Please, please, please, we need bookcases.
And so one November he sat down and drew a 
plan and he started measuring, and a trip with a 
friend to Toledo to by oak wood. The first 
section to go in was the one on the far left.
It took about 4-5 months to complete this entire
project. All pieces were sanded and varnished 
out in his shop, and we carried each section in 
from out there. All are solid oak, no veneers.
The exposed backs of the shelves are also 
oak bead board. I love that feature. 
There are storage cupboards under each unit 
and there are 3 shelves in each cupboard. 
All shelves above and below are adjustable.
And yes, the cupboards are full, more books, 
family albums, and movies, etc. 
It is an all day job to dust and clean it, 
with many trips up and down on a ladder.
When the day comes that we can no longer live 
here, it will be a tearful moment having to leave 
this one behind. It is permanently fastened 
to the far wall of our living room.
By far, this was the biggest project 
he ever tackled not counting the house.
It is one of my favorite things
that I wanted to share with you. 

I really need to rearrange my blog page 
to allow for ex-large photos, but you can always 
click on any pic to get a closer look.
The only good thing about smaller pics is 
you don't see the dust, lol. 
Wishing all of you a safe and lovely weekend.
God Bless You All!


  1. First of all love your blanket, it is really coming along nicely. Love the colors and the way it uses up those yarn scraps. I can not even believe your husband made those wonderful shelves. They are really amazing, such a wonderful skill to have. Hope you have a really nice weekend,

  2. I love the scrappy square! It reminds me of a quilters log cabin block. Nice to use up scraps.
    Those shelves are wonderful. Oh how I would love to have those in my home. Your husband is very handy!!
    I did have to enlarge the photo to find the can of pledge!!!
    Cute doggin'...and smart too!!

  3. Your hubs did a fantastic job on those bookshelves! That's pretty impressive. It will be fun watching your log cabin afghan grow. I will make one of those some day too!

  4. I love how this one is turning out. Try puting only one column then you can go larger on the pics. That's what most look at anyways. Have a great weekend. I need a big bookcase like that by the way. I'll have to get Scott right on it.

  5. Well first day of Autumn tomorrow but we didn't get our summer! Really cool this morning, only 9C but at least it was dry.
    Love your blanket, I'm a Stylecraft fan, a great yarn.
    Brilliant bookshelves, we are book hoarders too even though we pass on/donate lots we still have so many that we can't bear to part with.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  6. Love your new project! I makes me want to pull out my yarn and start playing! lol The shelves your hubby made are simply amazing! Wow! We're book lovers here, too, and I know how they can take over!

    Blessings - Julie

  7. Lovin' your new project! Great colors and the bigger it gets, the better it gets-keep going:@)

  8. Beautiful potholder.
    Well done on reporting the rotten peaches. Money takes too much earning to be lost on such awful produce.
    Carol xx


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