Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why My Hair is Gray & Falling Out

On Tuesday my hubby went to Lowes to 
retrieve some mulch.
Now normally I go with him to make sure 
he is getting the right kind.
I decided to let him go by himself, 
but I did send along a note as a reminder 
of just what kind to buy and what I 
did NOT want.
My note stated:
NOT Pine Bark Chips
NOT Cypress Mulch.

He did get the right mulch, 
but holy smokes, 
look how the guy from the store loaded 
the truck up!!!!!!!
I would not have wanted to be driving 
behind some nut 
who had this on the back of his truck!
And to beat all, my husband actually drove past 
a Highway Patrolman who was parked 
along side the 4-lane State Route.
Why he didn't get stopped is beyond me.
Now just to show you the difference between 
men and women, the woman who sold these 
45-3 cubic feet, 84 liter bags to my husband 
offered to break down the shrink wrapped 
skid, but the guy who loaded it said, 
"Oh that isn't necessary, this should be just fine."
And my husband allowed him to go ahead and 
load her up.
Had I been there, 
that truck would not have left the parking lot 
loaded down like that.
Gray thinning hair, and bags under my eyes.
I am not a pretty sight, 
but I do have my mulch and when looking 
at it now all I see is WORK!


  1. Lots and lots of work, but it will look so great when it is all done. Be careful of your back!

  2. I even got gray hair looking at this. It actually looks like it's going to tip over. Good luck too, getting all that out. I'm all about the pine stuff too.

  3. Oh mercy!!!! I am with you on this one!!! Wow!
    ; ) Kris

  4. Ha ha ha. Now, tell me...why is it that we women don't rule the country and everything in it? Clearly, we are the superior mental being. I get that men have it over us physically...but when it comes to the mind,'s a no-brainer. We have forethought and attention to details that I just don't see in men. They pretty much always take the easy way out. {ok, I'm done now...sorry for the moment of conceit.} Your yard is going to look gorgeous when you're done! Hugs, A.

  5. Oh yea, that looks like a project! Hope you eat your Wheaties:@)

  6. That is one precarious load! In Australia we have laws which state any load being carried must be secured and tied down - even if it is tree prunings, one chair or a box etc. Heavy fines exist for non compliance. He's a lucky husband!


  7. That's hilarious. I wouldn't have wanted to drive behind him either. Be careful and have fun spreading around all that mulch. :)

  8. So funny..reminds me of when my hubby came home with a freeezer strapped to the top of his nissan sentra..long story..Glad he got home safely and with no tickets

  9. Oh my LOL! That's blokes for you...hehe!! Happy mulching :o)

  10. Well, at least he got the right stuff.. now you need to get him to work spreading it. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Oh my goodness, that's quite a sight! Thank heavens he got home alright with such a load! I can totally understand your gray hairs. Hee hee hee! I hope you don't have a backache now from spreading all that mulch around! Have a very restful day today, Susanne! xo

  12. I agree...all I see is WORK! That's a LOT of mulch! WOW! It will be nice when you get it all down though.


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