Sunday, August 26, 2012

Feeling Mulchie, Thank You Teresa & Holden

We got the 45 bags of mulch down 
on Wednesday.
I was in a real sweat.
My hubby said he thought it wasn't too 
terribly hot out there.
All I know is that I had sweat 
running down into my eyes. 
I finally had to get a dew rag and put it on.
Thank goodness that back breaking job is over!

At least 5 inches deep in most places.
There is still stuff to do, 
like digging up that hosta that gets 
way too much sun.
It needs a shadier spot.
I also need to find a shrub to put 
in the bare spot where one 
died a couple years ago.

Now for the fun stuff.
Just look at these darling earrings made by 
a fellow blogger Teresa Kasner.
What a talented lady! 

 You can find her blog here
where there is a link to her Etsy shop.
Look around at her jewelry, but also check out
 her artwork. She shares lovely posts 
about her family, crocheting, her home and the 
surrounding areas that 
make her State of Oregon so 
special. These earrings are so much prettier 
in person. They are very delicate.
I was going to keep one pair 
back to give as a gift, but I am finding 
it hard to turn loose of either one.

 Teresa was very fast at making them and very 
speedy getting them into the mail. They arrived 
yesterday (Saturday) and she did a great job of 
wrapping them securely in bubble wrap and 
then again in a padded envelope.

The whole process from start to finish 
was probably less than a week's time.
I find that amazing since she sent them 
all the way from Oregon to Ohio.
If you look at her business card you 
will notice those cute pine cone earrings.
Wouldn't those be cute for the holidays? 
Go visit her and say "Hi!" and 
tell her I sent ya.

And now my little darling ♥
I just spent the last 3 days over with my sweetie
Holden. He was 6 months old on Tuesday.
His mommy wetted down his curls on top 
of his head and brushed them out. 
He took his hand and messed up his hair.
Jeanie, if you see this, that is one of 
the burp cloths you sent Rachael.
They get used everyday.
Okay, I leave all of my lovely friends for 
now. It is Sunday evening and I need to 
start sewing together the granny squares  of 
the latest baby blanket.
Any suggestions of what I should make next?
I have a million and one things running 
through my head.
Looks like I will have to pay some of you a 
visit and see what is going on in your 
creative corner of the world.
Have a safe and great week.
Only wishing the best for all of you.


  1. A dew rag is a must. One of my new favorite for the sweat in the eyes. I can't believe you did 45 bags. I'm impressed, great job.

    By the way, I won a pair of T's earring a long while back. Aren't they just the funniest. Especially, when worn with a dew rag. But, between us she a hipster from the 70s too.

    Peace Out and Good Night-

  2. Well done with all the mulching...Your gardens look fabulous Susanne!

    Very pretty earrings...I'm off to check out her blog now...

  3. Pretty earrings and as always delighted to see Holden. He's gorgeous, smart and so sweet angel eyes. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Know you're very busy but still left me words that lifted my spirit. You drive my creation. THANK YOU.

  4. Susanne, those earrings are so beautiful. Teresa has so much talent in everything she does. Holden you make me smile every time I see your darling face.
    Hugs to yo u and by the way the mulch looks great.

  5. Glad you got that monster mulch project done! I am still laughing at the way he brought it all home! Earrings are beautiful! And Holden is precious! Those little ones just melt my heart.
    Susanne, thank you for very much for you kind words. They do mean so much to me.

  6. 45 bags of mulch!? I need a nap and a cold drink just thinking about that job. I think I would have just paid somebody to do it for me. Ha! I'm so lazy!

    I love Teresa, and the earrings you got from her are gorgeous. I have to get me some of those.

    Your grandson is so cute! You definitely need to make him a cat. I didn't make those pictures, but they are so funny with their mouths open like that. I have make a couple of the Ameniko kitties and they are cute too. Pages and pages of instructions, but they are easier than you'd think. Try it! It's a free pattern.

  7. I just re-read my previous comment and I sound like a doofus with all the typos. GAH.

  8. Your mulch looks wonderful! I'm very jealous of your sticktuitiveness in getting it done! I have a whole bunch of hostas on the west side of my house that are getting fried each summer. I told my hubby the other day that we need to move them. They are G.I.G.A.N.T.I.C....I've never seen such monsters. I hate to move them for fear of losing them...but they look awful once their leaves get burned.

    Love the jewelry from Teresa...she really DOES make the prettiest little goodies.

    Look at your cute little Holden! Such a sweet age!
    Hugs, A.


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