Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Tablecloth & Chewy

Coffee use to be the thing I wanted to start 
each day, but now it is 
our sweet, little Holden's face.
I won't apologize, all of you who are grandmas
know what it is like.

My favorite color is blue. If you read my blog 
you saw it on my last post, and I have no 
doubt mentioned it in passing since day one.

The curtains in my kitchen 
(purchased from Country Curtains) 
 are a light blue gingham.
Sometimes I was hard pressed to 
find other items of that specific color, 
like my rag rugs that I ended up making
(will share on another post).
I was beyond myself thrilled when I found 
a round vinyl tablecloth to match here.
It happened just by chance back during 
Mother's Day when I found an oval one 
with pretty little cherries for my mom in 
The Vermont Country Store Catalog.

I took it out of it's packaging and of course there 
were wrinkles from it being in there since it 
was manufactured. I threw it in the dryer on 
low heat, that usually works. Oh no, was I going to 
have to buy some of those silly little clip-on
table weights you see for picnic tables!
Maybe it would have been better to have tried 
using a medium dryer setting, but I was worried 
 and didn't want to chance melting it.

So I came up with an idea.

I got the clothes pin bag out and I weighted the 
thing down all around with them, ha! 
And I brought out the blow dryer.
I set it on High and commence to trying to 
blow dry out the wrinkles.

It did help some and I removed the clothespins 
and am quite happy with my lovely table cover.
Now I need to make some placemats.
What do you think, some crocheted ones 
made from cotton? Using this doily design 
my friend Faith used here
Scroll down to her Saturday August 18th post 
to see it.
Faith has a wonderful blog full of some of the 
cutest crocheted vintage patterns. Check her out.

Now you see this guy, this is Chewy.
Believe it or not my husband named him that
as soon as we brought him home.
He should have been named TERMITE.

See this, let's have a closer look shall we.

There that is better. 
You know those little wooden plugs that 
are used to cover up the screws in the 
nail holes on wooden items,
well I have 4 kitchen chairs and don't ask me 
how a dog that was not even a year old managed 
to even reach high enough to chew every single 
one of these things out of all the chairs.
He had to have done it at night.
Do not TERMITES do their work in 
total darkness? 
Oh it gets better, read on.....

What, you say, is that on the chair leg?
Well, let's have a closer look at this as well.

I show you more of his handiwork.
Back when he was little he decided to gnaw 
on the legs of my chairs.
I tried everything including Hot Sauce!!!
Now mind you, my husband did wood 
working as a hobby and I told him to forget
about buying wood, our dog would 
probably be pooping out a piece of lumber 
if he kept chewing on my chairs.
 That stuff on the chair leg, soap, 
bar soap to be exact.
Evidently Chewy was not too keen on 
the taste, and it was how I solved a 
major destructive behavior.
I suppose it is high time I scrub 
that off of there and figure out 
what I will do to fix it. 
Do I need to do some yarn bombing?

In the meantime we still have this guy.
He never did poop out that board, and I never 
saw any splinters on his hind end.
Maybe we should have named him 
Woody the Termite, 
but he is still Chewy to us.
He was definitely living up to his name, lol.



  1. I completely understand about the grands - there's nothing better.

    Chewy is a cute little dog. That's funny how he liked hot sauce. :)

  2. Oh sweet baby. Of course you love him more than anything. I miss a baby in the house.

  3. That sweet innocent face could not have caused all that damage, no way. Have you seen the crochet covers people make for their chair legs? I think they are supposed to keep the chair from scratching the floor, they might work really well to help smooth over Chewy's slight lack of judgement.

  4. What a sweetie. Thanks so much for your kinds words. You know I take them all to heart. I awoke this morning thinking about your alphabet post and decided what the heck. So you my friend, got me to post today. Now, I just need to think about the next..... but first....time to count some points, oz., cals, carbs for that dinner I'm preparing. Doing just a little of many diet things here. Some WW, some no CARBs and some Suzanne. It's for a life time not a short haul so I'm trying to keep it simple and fun too.

  5. Very clever!!! Love the tablecloth!!
    XO Kris


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