Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh Happy Day!.....Rotten Peaches


 Loss of my mojo.
I have been drifting for days. 
I seemed to have no desire to do anything 
except rummage through my patterns and 
look around blog land.
I have pulled out plenty of ideas 
but none seemed to catch my interest.
I tried about 3 different motifs.
All were cast aside.
Then I ran across Dutch Girl Diary 
and found her blog right here.
Go meet Erin and read her delightful postings.
The thing that really caught my eye was 
her tutorial on the Log Cabin Potholder 
which can be found on her sidebar. 

 I was hooked.
This is my start to another colorful way 
to use up that stash of yarns, the left overs 
from various projects.

 This is my kind of fun. 
So I immediately grabbed my hook and 
got started. I admit to tweaking Erin's pattern 
just a tad. Instead of doing ch2 turn, I am 
doing a ch3 turn, I know, no big deal really, 
but I found the end ch3's were easier 
when it came time to join at the end of a row.

Now on the flip side,   
I will have these to deal with. 
I am promising myself not to get too 
far ahead of myself with tackling those 
lose ends. 

It will be great to be making a big dent 
in all these yarns because I intend to 
keep crocheting around and around till 
there isn't much of this stuff left. 
Who knows, maybe even a pillow or two is 
in the future here. 
With a log cabin design one usually keeps 
all the light colors to one side and 
all the darks on the other. 
I don't plan to do any of that, 
I'm just gonna go with the flow and 
not follow any set rules.

I did keep with the tradition of a 
red or yellow center. 
That signifies the ♥ of the log cabin 
which was usually the fireplace.
The warm color represents the fire 
in the hearth.
Okay, so I am a happy camper now 
and once again my hook is workin' it.

Before I sign off I want to show you 
what my husband brought home from 
the grocery store on Tuesday.
He went into town to get the gas cans 
filled for the lawn mowers.
I told him how about stopping and 
picking up some fruit. He did get a bag 
of apples and some oranges. Bless his ♥,
he happened to pick up 3 loose peaches 
and bagged them up.
When I first saw them I thought maybe 
they were "freebies" and the store was 
just trying to be rid of them.
Wrong, he said he paid over $1.70 for 

I about crapped! Peaches are expensive 
always, it is no matter that they grow them 
locally around here, they are always costly.

Too costly to be selling this kind of rotten 
produce. So I just couldn't let it go and I 
called the store and told them what I 
had cut into, and that I wanted our $ back.
Of course the manager had to be called to the 
phone and I explained to her that I had 
3 rotten peaches and that the person who 
was in charge of their produce section 
needed to go check out those peaches and 
not sell them. I also told her that I was not 
coming back into town that day to retrieve 
less than $2 but I would come and get our 
$ or 3 good peaches the next time I had to 
make a trip into town. I mean it would defeat 
the purpose if I had to burn gas for a round 
trip to and from the store. I told her I took 
pics of them as proof and would show her. 
She was actually very nice about it and 
told me to come in when I could and they 
would make it right. I guess the squeaky 
wheel does get the peach.
Those peaches are like gold.
It has been years since I bought any.

Four little slices from the first peach, 
and they were kinda mushy.
You really have to watch what you buy, 
that is for sure. 
Other than that my day was peachy, 
peachy keen with a skein of you know what!



  1. Love your new project! As you say it looks like a great use for odds and ends, very colorful too-enjoy:@)

  2. Oh, no, peaches are a tough one. I have had the same thing happen. I also have a thing about apples being mushie. I love mine crisp.

    Glad some one has their mojo back. I do like this pattern and what a great way to work down the stash. Keep going and make a blanket.

    Off to grab a shower and then to the produce market. I've already done my 13 miles on my bike today. So, I've had a good start. Let's just hope I can pick out my peaches to be fresh....

  3. That kind of motif I had a blanket and I bought it from nun in İstanbul,and I used it fondly.Now when I see your motif,I remembered it. :)

  4. I am so glad you are getting your mojo back especially before a long weekend. The log cabin theme is really interesting, I am going to be eager to see how your progress with the project. I think it is a fabulous way to use up yarn. Not so lovely fruit, I am glad you called the store.
    Hugs to you dear friend,

  5. Good for you! You get your money back for that rotten stuff. Eww. I was reading your last post about all your crochet pattern books and your husband not even asking anymore about the Amazon deliveries. It made me laugh because that's exactly how it is at my house too. I have so many pattern books and patterns, and I still can't find anything to do. Ha-ha. I couldn't get rid of any of them though. I look at all of them over and over again.


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