Sunday, August 5, 2012


We finally had some blessed rain!
After weeks of nothing but dry and hot weather 
it felt like such a relief.
I had almost forgotten what rain smelled like.
It is right up there with sheets dried on a clothesline,
the smell of a new car and a new baby
I truly doubt that it came soon enough 
to saved the farm crops.
They have looked down right pitiful in the fields.
I know of a couple of farmers who irrigated,
pumping water from the Sandusky River.
Their crops look pretty good.
 Even the river is low.
You can see the bedrock in some places.
(Mental note to self, get a pic of that).
All of you don't know how refreshing it has
been to see beautiful flowers and green lush lawns 
on the blogs that I follow.
One gal lives in the Pacific North West.
It is so beautiful there.
Another few live in England.
Their gardens are so enchanting, 
like something right out of a picture book.
And this my friends is what we have 
been looking at for weeks.
That is the grass in my back yard. 
As dry as tinder, as crunchy as straw.
Throw a match, the whole yard would ignite.

We have watered the tomatoes.
We planted 3 different kinds, 6 of each.
I have had to throw away at least 2 dozen of the
Roma ones. They had dry rot on their bottoms.
I use them for my canned spaghetti sauce.
Thank goodness I always keep myself at least 
2 dozen jars ahead just in case we have 
a bad year with the garden. 
I am a firm believer in waste not, want not.
Very little goes to waste in my garden.
I have been working on the baby granny.
I got all the tails woven in and all the 
squares joined with a whip stitch. 
Now I am doing the border and
 seeing the light at the end of 
this tunnel. 
I hope to be done with this in the next 
couple of days and will be sharing a pic. 
I have also been wondering what new project 
to start next. Of course I could finish a WIP.
In the meantime hope all is well with you
and have a great week.


  1. Hi Susanne! It's always fun to hear from a fellow Buckeye! I hope more rain comes this way for all of the farmers whose crops really need it!!
    Your grannies are so pretty! Have fun choosing your next favorite part!!

  2. Hi Susanne. I hope you get some more rain to revive the grass and the crops. We've had rain recently and our grass has come back to life. My son doesn't like that too much - he hates cutting the grass. Have a great day. :)

  3. Too hot too dry is no good to plants. Seeing some dried and dead is sad. Hope you'll have more water soon. Thanks for stopping by and left the sweet comments. Hope to see your finished blanket soon.


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