Saturday, September 1, 2012

Log Cabin Granny Blanket & Holden

Here we are, the first day of September,
and it is a 3-day weekend to boot.
 Saturday, what more can I say, 
I have always loved Saturdays.
  Someone told me once that when you 
are retired that every day is a Saturday.
It does kinda feel that way.

 As you can see, the log cabin granny is 
growing. I worked on it till 3am this morning.
I love how it is turning out.
I think the colors are working well even 
though I am choosing them randomly.
It is taking longer now when adding a 
new strip of color. I have no clue how big 
I plan to make this, but the sky is the 
limit, or should I say the end of the 
yarn is the limit.

I did dig out a couple of the Vanna skeins and 
may use some more. That gold on the left is Vanna 
yarn. It seems to fit in perfectly.

This evening we are getting a little visitor 
for an overnight stay. 
Can you find him?
He is hiding in the wagon that his mommy 
and her little sister had played with as children.
It was beat to the bare wood from all the 
play and stored out in the shed for years. 
Hubby refinished it. 
He took the wheels and 
handle and had them sand blasted, 
then he repainted them just like new. 
All the red sides he sanded and 
painted as well. The bottom was sanded
and varnished. Our daughter was thrilled 
to get it for her son.
We also had a second wagon, same style,
that her sister took home with her.
It was kept in the house down 
in their playroom.
If you can salvage something from 
your children do it and pass it 
on to the grandchildren. 
For now it is a toy wagon. 
As time goes by and he gets bigger his 
parents will pull him around in it at 
Cedar Point or the fair, just like we did when 
his mommy and her sister were little.

 Well folks, that is about all I have for you 
for today. 
Have a safe and happy weekend.


  1. You are like a wild woman with this new project. Wouldn't it make an amazing ottoman cover? Holden looks adorable in that wagon. We used to go to Cedar Point when I was little, I was scared to death of the giant Ferris Wheel. It was the highlight of several of my summers.

  2. Oh sweet Holden you're an adorable "toy" I want to "fletch". Gorgeous Holden you made all a GREAT day every day. The crochet brighten a day too.

  3. Holden is certainly the cutest little doll in that great wagon, for sure! Just precious!!! ... I love how your blanket is coming. The colors are so pretty and so is that pattern! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Susanne! :)


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