Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grandma Armed With Camera


This morning I remembered to walk out 
the door with camera in hand.

It was hard to get a nice sharp image
when he was bouncing up and down
in his bouncy seat.

I did manage to get over 40 shots.

He is like a little frog, bouncing up and down.
Making his leg muscles strong.

And later Grandpa came.
Someone new to explore.

What is this shiny thing on Grandpa's wrist?

 there she goes again with that camera!

I cross this bridge 
(over the Sandusky River)
 2 times a day when 
I babysit for my grandson. 
Look closely.

You should be able to click on the pic 
and enlarge it.
Can you see the stone piles on the bedrock?

 I wish I could have gotten out and crossed 
over to the other side of the bridge for 
a much closer shot.
There is always so much traffic and 
I didn't have time to fool with my zoom lens.

I tried to get the bumble bee flying in and 
out of the trumpet vine blooms.

Despite the drought this vine did well.
It has several long seed pods hanging from it.

I didn't get the bee, but some flies?

And one final shot of my sweetie pie!
I want to thank you all for the kind words 
that you leave in the comments of these posts.
I am so lucky to have caring people as followers.


  1. What a beautiful, handsome boy!!!
    Lovely photos!!
    XO Kris

  2. What a sweet grandson you have. I used to have one of those seats for my son when he was little, I'd put him in there while I was making supper and he'd bounce around and play with the toys. Happy Friday, thank you for sharing the pictures of your sweetie. Heather

  3. Hi Susanne. Holden just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I bet he keeps you busy with all the kissing and hugging. :)

  4. Susanne, I think we probably need to thank you for your kind words. You are so lovely, taking so much time to post meaningful comments. I cherish or friendship, I know that sounds corny but I do. I tried your chocolates with my malt sweetened chips, I had to add agave syrup and a bit of whipping cream, but they are delicious. i will blog about them soon and link back to you. Holden is so beautiful. Happy Weekend,

  5. Sweet and adorable Holden. Watching him will stop your works. He's smart and gorgeous. His every smile, every motion just makes you (and me) smile. How sweet the photo of grandpa and grandson !
    Have a nice weekend
    Terrie (big hugs)

  6. Love those toothless little smiles...he is precious....My son now 10, enjoyed his bouncy chair, he would bounce all over the house like Tigger....Thank you as always for popping over to my little place and leaving a comment....I enjoy our visits. Shot of the Sandusky river is pretty, if it is like the rivers & canal here in NE Ohio, they are down to bare ground..especial the canal areas, now all overgrown with natural fauna....need some rain...

  7. He is adorable, what a happy little boy.
    Lovely photos. Carol xx


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