Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainy Monday & Rambling Thoughts

I have been sitting in front of this pc 
for over 2 hours. 
My butt is numb.
I have been trying to find "the" next 
You would think that a woman 
who has blogged about her tons of 
pattern books would be set for life 
with all sorts of ideas. 
I think I collect patterns and books 
"just because".
I have been doing that for 42 years.
When the mailman drives up in the driveway 
my poor hubby automatically walks 
out to greet him as he hands another 
Amazon package to him.
He use to ask me what I bought.
Now he already knows. 
But here lately it is not just books,
there is a baby who needs some toys
(yeah ya, like he doesn't already have 
so many we could open a day care). 
I was told to save some for Christmas.
Since when have I ever listened to anyone?
Okay, Pammy Sue, I guess I will be 
attempting to make a Kitty Kat.
I will be putting away the baby yarn 
and dragging out the worsted weight. 
I keep telling myself to dust off the 
sewing machine and get busy stitching.
I don't see that happening for awhile.

I did wake up to rain this morning. 
We still need it.
Of course it is rather late for flowers and 
veggie gardens, but we take what we 
can get and no use to complain.
I am also feeling a bit guilty.
Notice I used the word "bit" because 
I fixed a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese 
and I ate the whole thing myself. 
As long as I stay off of the bathroom 
scales I can linger with that "bit" of guilt.
There are times the only thing that will 
make us feel better is comfort foods.
And the winner is mac & cheese, with 
Ben & Jerry's running a close race for 
first place. 
Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl 
has to do, and it may not be a pretty 
sight, but that is why we have 
eyelids.....close them peepers.

Well that's all folks.
I am done rambling for this rainy 
Monday morning and it is now past noon.
I need to go find something healthy to 
cancel out the calories from last evening.
"Oh Honey, what's for lunch?"





  1. I've been feeling uninspired. I need to get out of this bedroom soon!

  2. Ha ha ha...all the patterns and nothing to do. I feel the same way sometimes! And then, you find the thing that calls to you and you're off and sailing! Pammy Sue's cat is THE CUTEST and I've been wanting to make one since the first time I happened upon the pattern - way back when. Pammy Sue did a great job of inspiring me to revisit the desire to make that kitty! I still haven't done it but it's close to the top of my list!

    Mac and's the doubt about it. I've been doing really well at curbing my enthusiasm for food in the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was an awesome day for staying on track and today has gone pretty well too. I just need to stick with it for a lifetime!

    Take care and THANK YOU for your always wonderful comments over at "my place". Hugs, Annette

  3. I know just what you mean, searching for "the" pattern, which you can't wait to start...I'm not there yet either, I'm searching around too...It will find us, they always do..I like your choice for lunch, and I have done the same thing on an occasion...scream is's all good..wish we were neigbors, a gallon and 2 spoons, fits the bill...:)

  4. Did I just read my four favorite words.... mac/cheese and ben/jerry.....nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...please don't. Get up and out and walk.....I promise you will feel better.

    So, glad you picked Pammy's Kat. It's the cutest.

  5. You will find the right inspiration soon, if not Pammy Sue's pattern then there will be another one. Sometimes I have to eat Macaroni and Cheese, there is just something about it that is comforting. I try to make up for it with a walk or a very healthy lunch.
    Hugs to you,

  6. I get crafting block all of the time too - I think the Pammy Sue pattern will be a winner thoigh..

    Jodie :)

  7. I laughed all the way through this post. I can't wait to see what you do! I am laughing also at Kate's comment!!
    Love mac n cheese!!!
    XO Kris

  8. I keep thinking "Christmas is coming" as I sit on my recliner with my laptop "oh so comfy". Too comfy I'm thinking. Some days I sit here for 2 hours or more. Got to stop that. I need to stop looking, buying and get cracking on some home made gifts. You aren't the only one.
    (P.S. Mac/cheese sounds soooo good)


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