Saturday, August 18, 2012

Carrot Face & Acorn Birdhouse

Okay, now this has made me laugh 
every time I see it, lol.
It started weeks ago with some real 
thinned down rice cereal. 
Then he was introduced to carrots
I think he really liked them, 
bless his little heart!
He looks like a clown that smeared his orange
lipstick in the dark without a mirror, lol.
Yesterday he was introduced to green beans.
I don't think he was too thrilled 
with them. He kept turning his head 
and smearing his face on the cushion 
that pads his chair.
He was a green bean mess!
And he hates to have his face washed!
You know those masks one sees for 
Comedy & Tragedy, well that is what
he reminds me of when he is having his fit 
because we are trying to clean him up. 
Babies are such fun :)

 I just had to show off this little acorn
 bird house my husband made for me. 
It is for the little wren.
He also made one for both of our daughters.
It is made from the block section he cuts
out of the larger acorns he use to make.
I thought I had a pic of the bigger acorn I 
have, but that pic is somewhere 
hiding from me.  
This acorn will never have a bird
living in it.
I just don't have the heart to hang it 
outside so I put it on a shelf in the 
bookcases he built.
I really should do a post on all the 
things he has made in his wood shop.
We have kept him busy over the years 
making all kinds of stuff.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. He's so cute. My son loved everything except green beans and squash - I couldn't blame him - they tasted gross.

    The little acorn birdhouse is really nice - your husband did great work. :)

  2. Your grandson is beautiful. Aren't they fun and just fill your heart to bursting with joy! Such a happy little guy too. The bird house is beautiful, your husband is very talented. I wouldn't have been able to put it outside either (unless I had several then maybe I could put one out!). Does he sell these? Have a lovely weekend, blessings.

  3. You can post pictures of that cute face everyday. He is adorable. I love the acorn birdhouse and I have to admit I would not put it outside either, it is too beautiful to hang in the elements with birds messing it up. I already have the yarn to make my son an Ohio State themed scarf and hat. I plan to start them after my current two projects are done.
    Big hug for you Susanne,

  4. My son loved the carrots too, and ate so much of them that his skin took on an orage tint. ...we took him to the Dr, and he told us it was from the carrots... He is 16 now, good luck trying to get him to eat carrots...unless, I put honey in there or a bit of maple syrup glaze...This is a precious picture, so happy and for the heart. Your bird
    feeder is to pretty.....your husband does beautiful work. blessings to you this day...

  5. Isn't he the cutest? What w brilliant photo.
    Love the acorn house, what a talented husband.
    Carol xx

  6. cute is he??? Babies are so much fun. You should keep Roger busy making the birdhouses Sue. I remember that pic I think. You had the birdhouses all laid out. They are so nice. Why don't you sell them on Etsy. I know I would buy one. Hugs, Jeanie

  7. Wow, Holden is just too cute! Hey, you should try and find a little fake birdy to sit in the acorn. Your hubby is very talented.


  8. came to you from MEREDITHS suggestion on her blog today.
    I LOVE your wren house and am amazed at your hubby's craftsmanship.
    I make buy fireman a class or two for his winter boredoms!


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