Saturday, August 11, 2012

Holden & Making Chocolate Covered Peanuts

I swear, this baby just gets sweeter as the days go by.
Do I sound like a doting grandma, or what!
Went to see our little guy today.
He becomes more animated each time I see him.
Can you believe it, he will sleep 
10-12 hours at night now. 
I say, what a good baby, lol, but then 
I am a bit biased.

I got a bit ambitious today.

We had this large can of mixed nuts in the cupboard.
All the cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts 
and almonds had been picked out.
Just peanuts were left and so to get them eaten up 
I bought some of this:

I think you get the picture. Throw some 
chocolate on it and watch it disappear, lol.

There are several ways to melt almond bark, 
you can microwave it, melt it in a pan on the 
stove top, or I chose to use a double boiler.
There was no fear of scorching it then.

On med-high heat it took about 10-15 minutes
to get it melted down where I wanted it.

I threw in the salted peanuts (about 3 cups) 
and stirred until they were well coated.

It's gonna look like this. Yummy!

Then I dropped the candy by the 
tablespoon onto wax paper. 

It took about an hour for the 
chocolate to cool and harden.

My husband loves chocolate covered peanuts.
He was napping when I was busy in the kitchen.
 I put them in a Tupperware container 
and later handed it to him. 
He didn't believe I had made them 
till I showed him the photos on my camera.
He said they were really good,

(I know, I ate about 4, or was it 5, before he even got his 
hands on them. I had no choice, 
they just wouldn't all fit in that container, lol)  )


  1. Holden is a cutie. :-) Your chocolate covered peanuts sound good. I use the white almond bark at Christmas time to make candy coated pretzels. Have a great Sunday, Heather

  2. Oh my he is adorable!!!! Holden you have your Grandma wrapped around your little finger and you don't even know it. Those chocolates look fantastic. I wonder if I could do that with the malt sweetened chocolate chips I use. My oldest and I can't have sugar, but this looks like a great idea to try.

  3. Holden is just adorable - love the little face. The chocolate covered peanuts look delicious - I think I need some of those now. :)

    p.s. thank you so much for your sweet and caring comment on my blog last night.

  4. That is about the cutest little face..makes me want to pick him up and kiss those cheeks..Those chocolates don't look too bad either..blessings

  5. Oh the cuteness! That little face just makes you want to kiss and blow raspberries all over it. I miss peanuts! My daughter is allergic to them so we don't eat much around here. I do sneak a few in every once in a while if she is not with me. Thanks for sharing. That was a great idea to get rid of those nuts!!

  6. Ah yes....the old....they wouldn't all fit in the container trick!!!!! I use it ALL the time!
    Those look good! You are brilliant. Covering anything in chocolate will get them all finished up, eh?
    Your little grandbaby is adorable! Yes, we are all biased...and that is just fine!! Tis the way it is supposed to be!!!

  7. Gorgeous Holden. Sleeps well baby is healthy and easy to take care. Within the 24 months babies learn fast and you'll note they pick up things day by day is amazing. Keeps you laughing all the day. In a short time he will grasp your yummy peanut candies ! For us also peanuts are the last to eat in the mixed nuts. Good way to turn them out to finish.

  8. What a little doll, and I love the expression...Pretty soon he'll want to dip into the candies....they look so good...keep an eye out, CAL is coming.....I'm not sure which one of us is doing it...but I'll be posting about to be sure....join in this time if you can....:)

  9. Cutest baby ever!!! You're right - you are a biased GM, but deservedly so! Love his cute little cheeks.just want to pinch them hahaha. Busy lady - chocolate and peanuts - such a nice gift for Roger. Hug little Holden for me..Love, Jeanie

  10. That little baby is even sweeter than your candy! What a cutie!

  11. Hi Suzanne! You were at the right place to see my signs. They are on my blog. Thanks for stopping by, girlfriend! It's always nice to have you visit. Enjoy your evening!

  12. Hello again, Suzanne. If you want to reply to this comment with your regular email address I will write back to you. You have your blog set to 'no reply' so this is the only way I can write to you. I use Firefox, too and that is not your problem. The page is not loading completely probably because of your connection speed. All you need to do is reload the page. Click the reload button or the F5 key on your keyboard and see if the page loads completely. Try that and let me know if it works. Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. I have nuts, i have chocolate so guess what I'm going to make tomorrow?
    Carol xx


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