Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Done, Another In The Works

Boy is it hot!
Sometimes I think I should live in Alaska.
Ohio has been just too warm for me.
My husband loves it.
Tis' true, opposites attract.
I finished up another baby ripple using 
the starting ch of multiple of 10 plus 1.
I really think that is an error because 
I always end up short 1 ch on the foundation.
It should be multiple of 10 plus 2.
I was skeptical about using this 
Bernat Baby Jacquards Florals 
 yarn from my stash.
The label calls it Orange Blossom but
it looks kinda peachy too.
What concerned me was the variegation 
and how it fell in the pattern.

With some maneuvering I managed to fix it so 
the floral part of the pattern made a 
design that wasn't lopsided.
All in all, it is cheerful and bright and 
will make a good baby gift for a new mom.
Then a few posts ago I showed you these baby grannies.
I had only one round of white on the edge.

I decided to change my game plan on that one
by adding 2 more rows of white.
What made it a "kick my butt please"
moment was that I decided to do it after I had 
all the loose ends taken care of.
I had 36 squares to add to,
72 more tails to deal with. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, I decided that 
I wanted to join all the blocks with a whip stitch 
and then border the entire blanket 
with the same darker pink.
Of course I searched all the stores where 
I could have purchased that yarn to begin with.
No luck!!!!!
So I went online to the Bernat web site and 
found it, Sweet Pink, and ordered 2 skeins.
One probably would have been enough
but I wasn't taking any chances.

The yarn was here in about a week.
Now get this, my whole goal was to use
up my stash yarn....see how things turn out! 


  1. Very pretty baby blanket and I love the one you are currently working on. I like the wide white border, it makes your centers really pop. Looking forward to seeing it complete. I'm in Ohio too, I'd love to be more "northern" and not have the hot and humid weather we usually get in the Ohio Valley. Take care, Heather

  2. Hi Susanne. Your baby ripple came out so pretty - and I'm really lovin' the granny squares - they're pretty too.

    I kind of prefer the warmer weather to the cold even though I complain about both. :)

  3. this really is so pretty, I like the combination of the colors, it looks so soft, rather like a cantalope, which is very good for the weather we're having in NE Ohio...86 and 91 for the weekend...looking forward to fall for sure, they are beautiful in Ohio no matter where you live. A few of us are doing a CAL of a pattern which is in your book, the Pretty Petals potholder, I'm doing a doily I think...feel free to join along....Stichy is in, Vikki, Gloria & I, you have the pattern, pick up a hook girl and join us..

  4. I love the new afghan Sue! Orange/Peachy is a fun color to work with. One of my faves! The pink and white grannies are awesome as well. I have not been doing any crochet lately. Too busy - SITTING - around in the hot humid weather. Got to love New Englanders..we wish for cold in the summer THEN hot in the winter. We are never satisfied LOL. Hope everything is going well. We are off to Maine until the 16th. Can't wait to get there.. TTYL, Hugs, Jeanie

  5. Love the peach color and the ripples. I have no idea how you make the ripples. Interesting. They're perfect baby gift. We're also hot here, raining at times.

  6. Your baby ripple is lovely! Love the colors. Nice work!
    Eileen :)

  7. I love, LOVE the ripple! It looks wonderfully cuddly! And the pretty are those? I'm laughing at your irony with having to buy more yarn in order to finish up a stash buster project...that sounds like something I'd do! Oh well! It makes us happy and it's a relatively inexpensive there's no harm! I keep a mental count of all the lures my hubby/fisherman loses to his hobby and I think to myself, "hmmmmm, yes, I believe that entitles me to another skein of yarn!". Mwah-hah-hah! Mind you, he doesn't know this is the way my mind's better that way. And I want to say thank you for the wonderful, WONDERFUL comments you leave on my posts. I love reading them and they make me smile. Thank you for the time you take to write them! Hugs, Annette

  8. P.S. I can't wait to see that granny blanket when it's finished! I love the presence of always pops the colors! Bye again!

  9. thank you for stopping over and leaving comments, I do so appreciate it. The Thread Crochet Angel is about I want to say aprox. 1', I'm going to use her as a decorative piece, but not on the tree.

  10. Oh your ripple is so wonderful, I'm going to make one after my granny blanket is done, what an inspiration to me! Love those baby granny squares too, can't wait to see it when it's all done!
    Thank you for your visit and the sweet comments, I'm so happy to have you there! :)


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