Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beautiful Day, Household Chores

If one could call Mother Nature and order up
a perfect day, it would have been Friday
and Saturday.
 How wonderful to have 2 beautiful 
days right in a row. 
My Saturday started out by kissing my hubby
 goodbye as he was leaving to go visit with 
his sister in southern Ohio.
Our oldest daughter was taking the baby to 
show him off to her aunt,
and her dad was going along.
Should I feel just a little bit guilty that I was 
glad to have a day and night to myself, 
to do what I wanted without interruption? 

 I decided to stripe the blankets and sheets off of
the beds. Into the washer went the sheets, then 
out to hang on the clothes line. There is no denying 
the smell of clean sheets dried outside is 
one of the best smells ever. I love to see sheets 
and clothes out on the line, 
but I absolutely love to see a pretty quilt 
flapping a bit in a soft warm breeze.

I made this quilt in 1981. I know this is going 
to sound terrible when I say it, but it has never 
seen the inside of a washing machine.
I do throw it in the dryer on air for about 
20 minutes and then out on the line, 
preferably in the shade (to prevent fading 
and sun damage) allowing it to air out.

Two years into my marriage I was accused by 
my mil of "washing my quilts to death".
The worst place you can put your quilts is in the 
washing machine. It beats the fabric and weakens 
the threads. People love to display their quilts, 
but unless you protect it from sunlight you will
eventually see sun damage and fading.

I can understand the need to launder a quilt 
if it is used on a child's bed. 
If possible it is best to spot clean with a gentle 
soap. Most quilt shops handle these products 
and can also give you tips
 on the proper care of your quilt. 
I'm sure you can even find helpful 
information on line.
They do make fade-resistant fabrics as well.
If I remember right, those special fabrics are 
rather costly.
And another thing, there is also a website 
related to missing and stolen quilts.
Quilts that have been stolen from county fairs 
and right off of clothes lines.

I left my sheets hang out all afternoon and 
finally did get them back on the beds. The rest 
of the day I spent puttering around doing some of
those little jobs that don't amount to much 
unless you don't do them, you know, like filling 
the napkin holder on the kitchen table, 
or putting a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, 
or getting a new box of kleenex out, 
filling the dog's water bowl, taking the trash out,
etc., etc..

I did get some of the thread tails woven in on
my latest batch of grannies. I am just about
all grannied out. I will share a pic soon of 
the new blanket when I get it sewn together.
I have another baby ripple in the works too.
It is just that I have so much baby yarn and want to 
get as much of it used up as possible.
How many times have you heard me say I 
Am going to do something else, yet I sound anymore
like a broken record. I just keep plugging away
with the baby stuff.
My one girlfriend brought me more baby yarn.
I had put a big dent in my stash and here 
she comes with a bag of more yarn.
Of course I was grateful. I couldn't wait 
to get my hands on it!


  1. Susanne, your quilts are so beautiful. My Grandmother quilted, I still have at least two of hers. She also crocheted like a mad woman, she made granny square blankets in lovely 70's acrylic yarn in all those lovely colors! My sister Claudia now quilts and crochets, funny you never think you will be like your Grandmother and then you find yourself doing the same thing. IF I ever get a space to my self, I think I would love to try a simple quilt. I am not into precision so I Think it would have to be a bit rustic. I am loving my chocolates even if they are not looking as wonderful as yours.
    Glad you had some time to yourself, it is rejuvenating, even when you putz around doing all the little things that need to be done.

    1. One quilt I own was given to me by my mil and was made by her mother, my husband's grandmother. It was sewn by hand, and quilted by hand. I should get it out of the closet and enjoy it. I did wash it several times, and I am ashamed to say I regret that thoughtlessness on my part. I did not know back then, but I know now that those old vintage quilts are handled with kid gloves if you want to pass them on to your children. Because of my ignorance I damaged it and now it should be repaired. But to get to the point, Mere, you make a quilt, it doesn't have to be large, it can be small and if the seams don't come together just perfect, then don't lose any sleep over that. The old quilt I have has so many imperfections, but it has more charm than anything I have ever sewn. It has memories of fabrics from worn out dresses and children's shirts and what ever else was salvageable. I read once an article that a quilter wrote and she said, "My friends are no longer having fun when they make their quilts, they fuss over the seams that do not come out right. Grandma never cared that her quilts were not perfect, she had to keep her family warm in winter and that is all that mattered to her." I think the best part of making a quilt is the fun and enjoyment of taking fabric, cutting it into pleasant shapes and sewing them all together. As you see, I could talk quilting all day long, I am sure it would bore some people, lol One of the many blogs I follow is that of a quilter and she has a little quote on her home page about a prairie woman who stitched quilts and how she was doing it out of necessity but also making them as beautiful as she could to keep her heart from breaking. Those old pioneer women had it rough. Is it any wonder they lovingly stitched quilts to brighten up their homes :)

    2. I think you maybe right, maybe I should just give it a go and see what happens. I did not realize how careful you had to be with these older quilts. I have the one my Grandmother made for me safely folded up and stored. I will get it out when there is no more boys in my home wreaking havoc wherever they go. I have never washed it so that at least makes me happy. My Grandmother made us each a wedding quilt right after we were born. I'll get it out soon and post about it. I just ate another chocolate, yum! Hugs to you on this Sunday my sweet friend.

  2. clothes flappin on the are a girl after my own heart, the quilts are beeeeutiful....we have two
    fabulous days out of the this whole summer, where the days are long & lingering, the air fresh and summer like, these days are what summer is all about...I like putzing around too...getting something done without over tiring yourself, so you have time to do crafts, and move the hook.....

  3. ps....I did post the link for oval crochet placemats, its at Red Heart, Oval Crochet Placemats...if you can't find it, I have the link up at my place....they really are pretty, and cotton would do the pattern justice....and it's vintage too..

  4. Beautiful quilts Susanne. I only have 2 (that I purchased) but I'd love to get more. My husbands grandmother made the most beautiful quilts and I used to 'ooh and ahh' over them when we went to visit. She passed away years ago and I was hoping that I would get one of her quilts, but I didn't. Oh well, I can still think about them though. :)

  5. NO, I don't think you should feel guilty at all Susanne - grab it while you can I say.
    It looks like a lovely day, one of my favourite kind - sunny, and just pottering around the house doing jobs here and there and seeing washing flapping in the breeze.



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