Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I ♥ Ladybugs!!
  My fist posting for the month of March. Yes, there was more snow on Sunday morning, but it melted off as quickly as it arrived and I am hoping I need not have to think of snow again. SNOW a 4-letter word, indeed (wash my mouth out with soap). Each Spring we wait in anticipation of the robins arriving. A couple of friends said they saw a few last week, but you know how it is, you need to see them for yourself, and I did, just a bit ago. There is always the buzzards arriving in Hinkley, Ohio that everyone gets all excited about because they arrive every year like clockwork and that indicates, and the people know, they are in for warmer weather. The nasty buzzard, protected by law and to kill one is an offense because they scavenge and clean the road kill. They serve a purpose and they are useful. On the other hand I have still not figured out what purpose the pesky mosquito serves. If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

 ♥ Sweet little pastel butterflies.
More lovlies.
Ready to fly away to their new home.
One last closeup.
My last posting I shared with you some sweet little crocheted butterflies. Someone contacted me about making a dozen for them and I was thrilled. I did get them made and hope she likes them. I won't be going back into town this week till Thursday and I will post them that day. Everyone here is feeling the crunch of higher gasoline prices. When you live in the country like we do you have to make every trip into town count for something and use fuel wisely. We are basically home bodies and don't leave the house unless we need to.

The main portion of my crafting book collection.
Shaping up nicely, looking organized and there is a floor!
The having my own store right here at home.
As time allows I have been pecking away at this cleaning/organizing job that I started awhile back. My youngest daughter was over yesterday and she commented, "Mom sure has been busy in here!" It makes me feel good to finally see the floor in this room and yes, there is heavenly space to move around. I don't have to move a whole lot of "stuff" to get to other "stuff". I know where things are and there is less time spent searching, searching, searching...... a sneak preview of how things are shaping up, with more to come as this project is completed.

I can actually see the desktop again!
I will be bringing something very colorful and fun this month to my blog page. I don't know about you, but I need some cheerfulness and color right now and I am going to lay down my crochet hook and bring out some fabric and a bit of trimmings and show you how to make something fun. This is another project from years ago that I tore from the pages of an old September 1981 Family Circle magazine that was on the "throw away" pile. 
Another love, thanks to Rachael!
I just wanted to thank my blog friends and followers for your faithfulness to visit me and leave your lovely comments. Just know that I do read them all. I truly enjoy each and every one of you and thank you for allowing me glimpses of your passions for craftiness and snippets of your daily lives. I know sometimes life throws us a curve ball and things are not always as we wish them to be. It is therapy to be able to share the good times as well as the bad ones. And on that note I will bid you all a good day and to enjoy your life doing what you love. XOXOXOXO ♥


  1. Hi Susanne,

    The main usefulness of mosquitoes, is of course, to allow people to make money selling mosquito repellant.....nuff' said.....

    Those butterflies are delightful.

    Im with you on the not having to go into town too much thing.
    I really hate the inconvenience of having to travel in and out.
    I like to buy things more in bulk, like the staples (in fact, I usually order from a bulk supplier on the internet).

    My aim is to grow most of our fruit and veg, and then buy the rest.
    Its a work in progress.


  2. They look adorable! I can't wait to receive them!

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Hi Neighbor, welcome to my place, I see you have signed on to visit...thank you..your futterbly's are beautiful...looking forward to other beauties coming our way. I live about 20 minutes from Hinckley, I wish I lived in Hinckly..(another dream, another time)...never have gone to see the buzzard returns, but I have seen and heard robins of the sound and look forward to that every sweet and springy...

  4. You've such a big collection of craft books ! The beatles are very pretty and the butterflies are so lovely.


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