Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day, My Bit of Green

I do believe today is just about over and it is St. Patrick's Day. In fact it is 11:59pm right now. OOPS! The clock just struck midnight, but I wanted to share my bit of green. It has been a long Winter, and everyone who reads my blog knows just how sick and tired I have been of snow. A couple of weeks ago I looked in my potato bin and saw the 2 sweet potatoes I had bought and intended to eat. Now it did not break my heart one bit because this is not my favorite kind of potato. I understand they are far better in nutrition than your every day white varieties. But alas, there were these tiny sprouts and so..........

into a couple of glasses they went, add some water and PRESTO! you have the start of some very lovely greenery resembling a bit like an ivy vine. How many of us as children remember someone we knew who had a sweet potato vine growing in their kitchen? I sure do..........

and they are sprouting roots, and soon these glasses will be plum full of them...........
and they will soak up the water and the vines will grow longer.........
and be oh so pretty, watching them little bit of green at the end of Winter, right here in my kitchen, brightening my day ♥


  1. At last you've warmer and greener days. Looking at the thriving leaves makes you HAPPY DAYS ! Enjoy the moment!

  2. How exciting! I love your blog, BTW :-)

  3. Hi Sue, yes I remember growing a potato vine way back when (and I mean waaaaaay back). I've got to do this, it does add cheer to your windowsill. Hope the sun makes its way over to you soon. xxJosie

  4. I remeber doing this when I was a kid! They look like they are really enjoying their position on your windowsill too. Just wanted to add a big thankyou to you for your lovely comment and becoming a follower of my blog...I really appreciate that!! :)

  5. Love the rooters Sue. I remeber doing that with carrot tops. Loved to watch them grow. I just threw away tha last of my potato crop from the fall. I hated to do it, but the eyes had turned into stalks and were about four to six inches high LOL..

  6. I have some in the basement that need pitching out. Into the compost bin they will go. I hate that they went to waste, but sometimes that happens.


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