Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Music Playlist

"Play it again Sam"
 I've been having a lot of fun these past few months peeking in on all these wonderful and interesting blogs. Everyone has their own style and charm, and that's great. So many lovely people out there and so many of you have been blogging for years. It amazes me because I am new at this and still learning. It also amazes me that I have had a pc for well over 10 years and just recently discovered blogging. Where have I been??? The old head in the sand, lol. Anyways, quite a few of those blogs have music......oh, like a kid I want some for my blog too, cause I have always loved music, basically all kinds, well, with the exception of heavy metal, and not always a fan of rap music, but there are a few exceptions. I remember American Bandstand, I remember Soul Train......I remember Lawrence Welk, Dolly Parton & Porter Waggner. My husband is from Kentucky and I became acquainted with country and bluegrass music. He and I both love the rock and roll music that we grew up with as teenagers, and we both adore the "oldies". I remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Elvis and so many others to oldest daughter's love for the alto and soprano saxophone and taking her to a Kenny G youngest daughter's love of drums.

Yes, I remember these, still have some :)
My personal favorite music was and still is pop, but my music collection here at home is a big patchwork of song artists and styles. I play music to suit my mood. Some days it is happy and snappy, and some days quiet and mellow. People are surprised that I also like opera, especially when they know I also like rock and roll.  There was always music in our house, our children were both in the band and they both played piano. They remind me every now and then how we made them band geeks. I spent today figuring out how to get a player on my blog. The fun part began with adding songs and I was nilly willy all over that "search" window and when I got done (just for today, mind you) I was pretty amazed with myself because not only do I have some good music, I have such a mixed bag of all kinds of songs that most of you would wonder if I had belted back a few first before making my selections. But it is who I am, so turn your volume up or down or off, whatever pleases you, pleases me. I have a "patchwork", mixed, mashed selection and a few different versions of a few of the same song, surely there is something on the play list you will enjoy. If you don't like what is playing, I do believe you can scroll down to the player near the bottom center of my page and click on another tune. So if you are having a bit of a rough day, just remember "music soothes the savage beast" and all that jazz......yes, I love jazz too, lol ♥                   

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