Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainy Monday & Butterflies

Peachy little crocheted butterfly.

This last day in February, oh has this month just come and gone so quickly! I just wanted to touch base with all the lovely people out there who come to my blog and let you know all is well. The thunder, rain and lightening came in the wee hours of the morning and there was 8-9 inches of snow already on the ground. NW Ohio can now expect flooding. We personally are so fortunate not to have that worry about that. I have a couple of friends who live on or close to the river. For them it is a never-ending battle to remain in a place they love or to just throw up their hands and yell, "UNCLE, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Last week one shared with me photos of deer and this week it will no doubt be ones of flood water in their basement. One year she said the river came up and washed away new bags of mulch, rail road timbers and her tomato plants. I joked that they should have put life jackets on those tomato plants and she got a good laugh, but I know her heartache when hard work is undone by Mother Nature. They build their dream log cabin from scratch and I can understand why they cling to it even in times of despair.

Two tone butterfly.

I have remained busy. The "organization" of my sewing room is still underway and I have been making steady progress. I can at last see the top of my desk and throw away the bag of bread crumbs in case of finding my way in and out of here, lol. I have run across a few things I totally forgot about like these tiny crocheted butterfly magnets that I use to make and sell at my craft shows. I made and sold at least a hundred of these and I just wanted to brighten up today's post with them. I do not take credit for the original pattern, but my twist on this little darling is that I used flower making stamen for the antennae when the original pattern called for pipe cleaners. I also have a lot of UFO's. I won't even comment on how many of those I have, but I will post pics of projects as they are completed. Finishing those alone would keep me in enough subjects to blog about for months. I will post before and after pics of my room when all is completed. I only work on it as time allows. Right now I know my pages are boring because household chores need to be done, but I promise to bring some interesting things soon. In the meantime keep the faith, remain safe and well. We are all kindred spirits who share a common interest and for that I ♥ you all.
P.S. Once again apologizing for the poor quality of some of the pics. I am a craftier person, unfortunately not a photographer. I envy those of you who are proficient in picture taking as well as your needlework.  XOXO

Lovely maroon.

Personal favorite rainbow butterfly.

Another shot of how small they are.



  1. Isn't it wonderful that there was no snow OR rain today :). The butterflies are so cheerful!

  2. Sue, I love your sweet little butterflies. Good call on the flower stamens bec I think pipe cleaners would've been too much for these delicate beauties. Don't worry about your photography skills, these photos are great! I'm still working on mine as well. I think the key is light and lots of it. I wish you some sunshine soon ♥ Josie

  3. This is simply adorable! I love them and only wish I knew how to make them. Do you sell them? I'd love a few in the palest of pink and blue.

    This would be a great post to link with Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Oh Susanne,I just tried to send you a reply email to your comment, you're a "no reply blogger". You don't have an email listed in your profile and I can't find one here on your blog. Can you send me your email? You can email me at

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Susanne, I remember these! Cute! I made these years ago! I used the pipe cleaner tho. Your idea is much cuter! These are sweet and adorable...everybody I knew had them all over there fridge. LOL

  6. Oh those butterflies are too cute! How fun.

  7. Love the butterflies Sue! I have lots of fun pieces of yarn that I can use to make them. Hope everything is going well, LUV, Jeanie


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