Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fantastic Motif

Good morning my lovely friends. As promised I am showing you the new love I have found, the African Flower motif. There are so many places you can find this flower and when I Google searched it there were several places to look at finished afghans/blankets, purses, pillows, etc. that used this beautiful motif. There are also places to go to find the instructions and also to join the hexagons. I found it here  (located below the comments on that page). It is remarkable how you can get so many different looks just switching colors and no matter how unseemly the color choices are, they still look great. My intent was to use up more scraps from my yarn stash, but I found myself once again in the store, in the yarn isle and picking out some bright colors to liven up my somewhat boring is a sampling of what I have made so far, there will be another color (border round) to be added to each flower, I think a pretty green, so it looks like leaves and makes the flowers pop out like in a flower garden........what do you think?

I have done a lot of blankets using granny squares, but never hexagons. You can even change colors to do the 4th round (chain base is first round) and it puts a completely new spin on what the flowers will look like. I saw this pattern several months ago and kept running into more and more postings where fellow crocheters were making it. I kid you not, I have not seen one motif that was not lovely, no matter what colors it was made of. Even the ones that were using the same color over and over were beautiful. You just can't seem to go wrong with this flower. If you crochet give it a try, you won't be wasting your time. I am really having fun with this pattern. I absolutely ♥ it!!!!!  


  1. Very pretty. I tried one once but it wasn't qte right. Need to have another try. x

  2. Susanne, Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind thoughts. I just love your flowers and have been so obsessed with the Japanese ones I have not given these a try....yet. Your blog is so lovely, I plan on coming back a lot. Have a great day,

  3. oh these are pretty..I can see why you must make more....


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