Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Crocheted Purses

My girls, Meghan and Rachael at the beach in Florida.

My mother-in-law was a quilter, but she also crocheted proficiently. She delighted in making all kinds of things. When my daughters were little they loved going to Grandma's house. They knew she was always full of surprises and she always had something for them. She always had time for them. After all, she left them bake cookies and it didn't matter if they made a bit of a mess. She would pull out her fabric paints and gave them real embroidery pillow cases to paint. She had coloring books and crayons, puzzles and all kinds of stuff to keep little hands busy. Her home was interesting, and there was always something new to discover.  

One day they came home from their visit and they both had one of these. Grandma had been busy indeed.  

They couldn't wait to show me their new gift and what was in it. Oh how they loved their Grandma!

And what do we have here, but a little baby doll, and Grandma had made her a blanket to keep her warm. 

And the pretty little drawstring purse became a bassinet with a little baby doll. And so busy little hands had to show me more.......

This bassinet had a little oval mattress for their baby to sleep on and Grandma had made her a little romper.

On further examination I discovered that the bottom of the purse was made from a plastic dish detergent bottle that looked to be the kind Ivory Dish Soap came in. I never got around to asking my mother-in-law where she found the pattern. She had many friends who quilted and crocheted and throughout the years they were always sharing patterns and ideas. In past years I recall some where I saw something similar done with an empty plastic Clorox Bleach bottle and it was made into a bag to hold hair curlers/rollers (now I am really showing my age). I am hoping to do a tutorial on this sweet little project, only I will have to examine it more closely to write up instructions.    

Rachael and Meghan.

I just know there is nothing more special than to see a child's face lit up in such wonder and happiness when they have discovered something interesting. There were so many moments like that when my daughters were young and impressionable. Little pleasures for little ones. Sometimes I wonder just who was the happier, them or me? ♥


  1. Sue I would love to make a little purse like that. I can't wait until you figure out a pattern...My grandbabies will love something like that.

  2. Love the pics! And I loved playing with my little purse too :)

  3. Awwww, what a wonderful Grandma! Such a sweet gift for her grandaughters and even more than that, great memories. Have a good week, Sue.

    P.S. What a crack up about Chewy and the chairs. He certainly lived up to his name!


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