Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lightening the UFO Pile

I spent a few hours last evening finishing up 4 more UFO's. If you can recall from a previous post, I had some baby stuff in the works and actually finished all the crocheting on these weeks ago. As usual, keeping true to my habits, I laid them aside. I do not know why I do this, never actually reaching the "finish line" until I push myself in that direction. It is not a big deal to actually finish an object, it is a THRILL, and does give one a sense of completion and satisfaction. It is then with a clear conscience one can move on to the next project and not be nagged by the UFO police.........soooooo, TA DA, here are some pics of what I did and again please forgive the poor picture quality. All pics except a couple were taken late last night, without benefit of sunlight. Artificial lighting puts a yellow cast on things. The baby yarn is actually snow white, and the buttons on the little sweater function as closures and they are the same baby blue as the ribbon trim.  

It takes 8 feet of ribbon, well over an hour of weaving.
Ribbons meet at the corners.
Ribbons tied into bows.
Ribbons criss-cross at the center of the shawl.
A tons of ruffle, over an hour to crochet one round.
All done, whewwwwww!
Shell blanket, ribbon around edges, tied in bows at corners.
Shell sweater, buttons are baby blue.
Shell sweater, goes with blanket and bonnet.
Matching shell cap, front view.
Matching shell cap, side view.
Matching shell cap, back view.......The End! ♥


  1. My gosh beautiful! Just stunning.. I have that pattern for the blanket on top its on my list of things to do.

  2. WOW...these are so BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Lovely and soft baby wearables. ~.~

  4. You are just the best! I love the ribbon accents.


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