Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UFO in the Works

Granny's Daughter Scrappy Afghan.
In an earlier posting I mentioned that I was going to work on completing my UFO's. If you haven't already figured out what kind of things I love, then I will enlighten readers that I love all things scrappy. From my crochet to my quilts, I love color and I especially love any project that involves using up snippets of yarn or material. I have heard all my life, "waste not want not" and being raised by a mother who was a teenager in Germany during World War 2, and a mother-in-law who grew up during the Depression, I had two good teachers when it came to keeping anything that could be found useful. A few years back I ran across the pattern for the Granny's Daughter and knew I had to make it. If you knit or crochet then you have scraps of yarn left over from previous projects. Here are photos of the 2nd one I am making. The first one is on the back of a girlfriend's couch.

Plenty of loose tails to weave in.
Granny closeup.
The last strip to attach.
Hand sewing with a tapestry needle.
Attaching last strip.
Weave in tails and then crochet a few rows of border.
Just another view.
Closeup of all the colors.
So colorful, and warm.
Making the tiny squares is a very portable project.
Uses very little yarn for each granny.
Another closeup.
I hope you have enjoyed this posting. If you have not seen this afghan somewhere before, my hopes are that I have given you an idea or inspiration to make one. If you can make a granny square then you can make this. It was one project that was easy to take along wherever I went when I knew I was going to have spare time to whip out a few. It is easy to throw all the stuff in a zip-lock bag and put it in your purse or tote. Years ago I made a huge granny square afghan while waiting for my children when they were in taking their weekly music lessons. I never watch television unless I have something to work on in my hands. If you would like to make this afghan using a written pattern then you can find it in a Leisure Arts Leaflet 2159 called Scrap Yarn Afghans Book Two and the pattern is called Granny's Daughter. Happy crocheting  ♥


  1. WOW Susanne! What a lovely, thrifty and stunning idea! I only started crocheting last year but I love it so much! I have just completed a baby blanket and WAS wondering exactly what to do with the leftover yarn I had - there was not enogh of each colour to do much with at all! I will absolutely be saving my yarn scraps from all future projects for one like this. You have definately inspired me...thanks so much!

  2. So soft, so warm and so sweet. Crocheting is such a warm action and a sweet give-away. Love this piece.

  3. Lillabilly there is both baby yarn and knitting worsted weight yarn in this project. To make the baby yarn work I used a double strand and that works just fine. Sweet Terrie you are right about crocheting, it is also soothing and relaxing to crochet. It helps me keep my sanity and many times it was my escape. I told my husband I would like to have a dollar for every stitch I have crocheted and he said he could have retired 10 years earlier than he did, lol.

  4. Ok Crochet Queen...that is one cute afghan. I think I will send you my UFO's that need to be weaved in. That's the part I hate LOL.

  5. Jeanie, you keep your UFO's to yourself, lol. I hear ya gal, the weaving in of tails is not my favorite part either. That is probably why so many of my projects are unfinished....hey, one might make some $ by offering to do that for people, now that is a thought :)


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