Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Hand Quilting

Two years ago this month I bought a Tin Lizzy 18 longarm quilting machine. To this day it still remains here in my sewing room in the boxes, unopened. My plight is that I discovered the only place to assemble it would be in our basement. I do not want to put it down there. My reasoning is because I am afraid of water leaks and possible damage to the frame work. Also, there is no way I would chance having a huge roll of batting become water-logged. I am no stranger to hand quilting, I am not too lazy to hand quilt, I have done it in the past, but anyone who grabs up a needle, thimble and thread knows that hand quilting is a tedious and long process. It can take weeks and months to complete your work, hence, the quilting bee........below are some pics of my hand quilting, my own design. The woman who made the quilt top was a friend of my mother-in-laws. Her name was Verna, and she gave this to me as a gift. Unfortunately she has passed away many years ago, unfortunately it is another of my UFO's.

I really need to finish this quilt. It will be an antique for sure since it has been with me 30+ years. I fear if I wash it the thing will fall to shreds, but then maybe my hand quilting will keep that from happening. I need to get out my huge quilting hoop and sit it beside my chair in the living room. I need to put my crochet hook and yarn away for these warmer months and pick up my quilting needle and thread. There is so much to do, and so little time. Wishing and hoping doesn't get things done, so I need to hush now and get busy. Hope your day is filled with good thoughts and good things ♥


  1. Wow, Sue, this is lovely. I so admire the craft of quilting and hope you find the time and inspiration to get going on it. Hand quilting is so much more special, I think. Good luck, the right time will be when you're ready! xJosie
    P.S. Love that Chewy...glad he decided to return the cover to your seam ripper...what a good dog, LOL!!

  2. What beautiful hand-quilting Susanne! I totally agree with your comment about "so much to little time" and doesn't the days speed by as we get older!

  3. Wow What beautiful work! There is something very theraputic about hand quilting...

  4. You've done beautiful hand quilting. I don't think I will ever attempt a hand quilting project of this magnitude. I hope you get it done soon. Maybe it has been done since you posted quite some time ago.


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