Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whether to Mention Weather

Yes, my dears, that 4-letter word, SNOW is again with us. While some of you are showing off your spring time bulbs bursting forth from the cold ground, and other of you are writing of gardens coming to an end and fall's fast approach, I am looking out my window and once again seeing the white stuff clinging to trees and bushes and preparing to get dressed and busy with the shovel. I need to be thankful for I see on the news where an earthquake has hit our friend Japan and as a result a tsunami is causing massive destruction and death to so many innocent victims. This news humbles me for my troubles seem so small compare to what is happening and my heart goes out to them. I can do little, but I do pray. I will go out and not grumble about the snow, for it is trivial compared to what others are dealing with. Let us be thankful for days of peace and tranquility. Let us be ever mindful of those who are less fortunate than us. One can not and should not be smug when we know others are suffering. My mind knows that some where, some place, someone is hurting. I bow my head and pray not just at the end of the day, but always anymore. God Bless us all.


  1. Hi Sue, I'm sorry about your never-ending snow and about everything else going on in distant places...Mother Nature has her own mind. Prayers are all we can do right now. x Josie

  2. Thanks Susanne for concern of me. I'm fine. The Japan Tsunimi destruction is heart broken. We're close to Japan fortunately with no impact but our hearts go to people who lost homes and families. The natural disaster is huge. Seems the global weather is changing. How come you're still having snow ? Wish you'll have warmer days soon but surely having tranquilty is far better than anything. God bless you.


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