Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Granny Attack

Good morning friends. Just wanted to come back today and show you snap shots of how addicting little grannies can be. The afghan in yesterday's posting was not the end of Granny, oh no, she took over for quite awhile and every time I had a hunk or a bit of left over yarn I whipped out my hook and crocheted more. It was like I was driven and had the need to use up that yarn. So just sit back and relax and check it granny, then two, then.............

 There is a neat and nifty scarf that I found that can be made from little grannies. If you are interested , let me know and I will search through my patterns and give you the info on where to find the instructions..............

And then came the skeins of yarn that had those old patriotic colors that I used to decorate my living room.... and so I just had to make more, and more......because I just might need to make another afghan for that room......

 That zip-lock bag full is one of those gallon and a half bags, so that might just give you an idea of how many there are in the bag. All of the grannies were made when a few free minutes were available here and there, throughout the days, weeks and months. You might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish over a period of time. No time wasted, and the best part was never being bored with making when I weave all the tails in, that might be boring, but again if I do a few as time allows, no problem......I won't be bored and they will be done in no time.

 Look what I found popping up out of my old spatter ware coffee cup where I keep my pencils and markers. After such a cold, snowy and drab winter I think some cheerfulness is needed. I did see some of my outside bulbs popping their heads out of the ground, but until they bloom I will have to be content to make do with what I can to brighten my days. I hope to do a tutorial soon on making these. Once again it is something that can be made with small scraps of left over fabric and bits of trim. I will post more on these at a later time. ♥



  1. Oh my goodness me!!!!!! They are going to make one gorgous blanket. x

  2. OMG! I am not a big fan of doing granny squares. They are great when they are assembled, but I find it painstaking! My hat is off to you.

  3. LOL Susy, you had more than an explosion of grannies, they seem to be multipling in each photo. Are you sure they are not related to "Tribbles" ? (showing my age and Star Trek trivia now LOL)


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