Sunday, March 13, 2011

Naming My Blog

 One of the things I love about blog land is the quaint and catchy names that everyone seems to have for their blog. I am surrounded not only by very good, talented and crafty people, but clever ones as well. Awhile back I became aware that the state flower of Alaska is the Forget-Me-Not. I did not know this when I was naming my blog. It is such a sweet little flower, so delicate and tiny (about the size of your small fingernail). It catches your eye with it's lovely blue color and dab of yellow in the center. It is my favorite flower and became even more so when I saw what it would do year after year. I have some in my back yard, they re-seed themselves and volunteer to come back each year and liven up my feeble attempts at flower gardening. In my mind that little flower makes quite a statement, "You ain't gonna be rid of me, I'm standing my ground, here I am! See me!" Flower gardening is not for the weak, it can be hours of work. I am a no-fuss woman when it comes to her flowers. At my age it is no longer easy to crawl around on the ground and pull weeds. It is even harder to bring ones self back up to a standing position. Weeds always thrive, turn your back on a flower bed and the weeds conspire to do their best to take over. My little Forget-Me-Not flowers are smart, they come up each year in a spot where mulch is king and few weeds exist. I had to laugh when I found out that this is Alaska's state flower because for all these weeks of snow I was almost convinced that I was no longer living in Ohio, but Alaska. I would have thought that Alaska would have picked some rough and tough flower not this sweet little thing, lol.


  1. Hi Susanne!

    I can so relate to this post. I'm not much of a gardener either, but I love the beauty of a well kept one. I just turned 50 and boy can my body tell the difference.

    We Ohioans are due for a beautiful spring and summer after the nasty winter we endured.

    I too love the delicate beauty of the forget-me-not. You have to admire their resiliency.

    Have a great week! La

  2. Forget-me-nots are so cute! They make gardens "friendly". It does help that they come back year after year. It's going to be nice to see other colors besides brown, grey and WHITE! Go slow on that shoveling!


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