Friday, February 4, 2011


RED ALERT!!!!!!......."HAPPIER THAN A PIG IN MUD" HAS A GREAT GIVEAWAY THIS MONTH!!!!!!........ AND SO DO I!!!!!! Come and join in the fun for a chance to win.

So go to Lynn's  site and check out the requirements for a chance to win a great kitchen gadget. I really do need to learn how to do the linky thing and posting those terrific giveaways on my sidebar. I have found blogging great fun. It is so cool when I can finally see the light and find the answers to doing the things a lot of you seasoned bloggers do. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. If I haven't mentioned it here lately I won't let another day pass that I don't thank all of you for cheering me up with kind words, wonderful pictures, patterns, ideas, and recipes. I also enjoy reading those little snippets of your life, happy or sad, that you share with all of us. It reminds me that we are not alone when it comes to joys and sorrows no matter how large or small. We all breath the same air, and have a common bond. I suppose if one had a Mission Statement it would include "bringing happiness" to others :)  One thing that I would love to learn to do is making that little heart using the keyboard. So anyone who is heart savvy please enlighten me if you would be so kind. I am open to any tips or ideas to make my blog better. One is never too old or too smart to learn something new :).


  1. Thanks for the shout out Susanne! To make the heart hold down the Alt key then press the number 3 on the numbers side of your keyboard, then let go of both ♥. Doesn't work with the 3 on top of the letter keys though. Hope that helps:@)

  2. Hi Susanne...just having a catch up with you! First off, glad hubby is now in the comfort of home. Second, happy belated birthday :-). That puzzle is wonderful, I used to work on those 1000 piece ones with my mother a long time ago. Third, that baby shawl was exquisite. Including your quilt, the girl's got talent!!! And finally, I LOVE hearts too and I'm glad "Happier..." taught us how to make one. Unfortunately I'm on my laptop and don't have a full keyboard to try it now :-(. Have a lovely weekend, my friend. xxJosie

  3. Hi Susanne, love your blog of crafts and fabric works. I just extended the Stylish Blog Award to you to share your wonderful blog.


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