Sunday, February 6, 2011


Not a day goes by that I do not thank God that I am able to wake up and plant my feet firmly on the floor and hope the devil knows I am up, up to good things. Sunday shouldn't be the only day of the week that we are reminded to be thankful. With every  beat of our hearts, with every breath we take, we should thank God. I remember once wondering why my Old Regular Baptist mother-in-law did not say grace at her table. I guess I felt the need to question her about her faith and beliefs since she was such a rock when it came to her religion, and her God-fearing ways. I remember she chuckled and said, "Susie, I have already thanked God for that food, more times than you can count. I thanked Him when we planted the seed, when I beat the weeds down with the hoe, when we harvested the crop, when I stood in my kitchen and canned the produce and when I stood over my stove and cooked the food. And I thanked God when all of my family came to the table to eat of  His  goodness to us. God knows I am grateful. He has heard me, He knows my heart." She set an example for her family by living her life so that she could go before her maker with as clean a slate as possible. No one ever doubted her. I never again doubted that she was grateful for the food on her plate, and her example to me reminded me to be thankful always, not just when I was going to fill my belly.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! My hubby surprised me several summers ago with his artwork. Birds nest in the ivy too!


  1. I know what your mean. Everyday is a blessing. Your MIL was really something. I would have loved to know her. I LOVE the is so awesome. Hope Roger is doing well. Hugs, Jean

  2. What a wonderful MIL! And she definitely raised a good son - how sweet to make that heart for you. That's exactly the kind of thing my husband would do and then just stand back and grin so goofily proud of his accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your story and picture!

  3. Yes, its good to remember to be thankful. It sure beats being miserable.
    Your hubby is very artistic to do that heart. Im amazed he thought of it. Lovely.



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