Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

Oh I have something to show all of you...........look at all these goodies!!!!! No, I have not been busy knitting. Read on.........

Knit Knacks!

My birthday was January 18th and during that time my husband was in the hospital. I really didn't have time to sit around and mope because I was turning 60 years old. Oh it would have been glorious to have spent my time feeling sorry for myself, crying my "Woe is me", but my thoughts were elsewhere and there was no room for self-pity when someone I love was needing me to be strong.

How much fun this will be :)

And in the hospital room walks my youngest daughter with a birthday surprise for me, a 1000 piece Springbok Puzzle! "Do you like it Mom?" Oh, how could I not like this, it is so perfect!

Springbok Puzzles are the best!

My husband came home on January 24th. I think I should pull out the card table and he and I need to sit and put together this jigsaw puzzle. Then I will finish it with that puzzle sealer and find a nice frame. It will look good hanging on my sewing room wall.

Thank you Meghan for this great gift. Love U!

1 comment:

  1. Glad your hubby's home! Looks like a perfect gift-enjoy:@)


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