Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crocheting Again

Good Morning to all of you out there in Blogland.......I am back to crocheting again and started the little sweater that goes with the shell baby afghan. Yeah, I know, I was gonna do something else, but grabbed the pattern and yarn. The crochet hook just appeared in my hand and I started hooking away.

Baby sweater neck edge.

I had about 6 rows done and discovered I had made a mistake back on 2nd row......grrrrrrrrr.......and so the ripping out began and the problem was corrected.

Button loops.

I like the button loops at the end of every other row, but thinking instead of 6ch loop they should be just 4-5ch. Buttons for baby sweaters are small and the loops just seem too big to me. I may have to rip out back to the 2nd row would appear that I am spending more time undoing what I have this rate I may just get this project done before this next Christmas, lol

More finds for future use.

I have such a terrible time with pictures. I have 2 cameras and the one needs new rechargeable batteries. I am in awe of what beautiful pics many of you take and then I turn around and frown at mine. Every once in awhile I luck out and take a good pic. Anyways, getting back to crochet.......I found this pretty yarn awhile back and I bought several skeins. Unfortunately my camera skills do not do it justice, but it has lovely colors. I am not sure what I will make with it. There is a free pattern inside the label for making baby leg warmers, how cute, but I really don't see a toddler keeping those on where they should be, lol............You know leg warmers can also be used for the elderly as arm warmers and elbow protectors, so they would be a great gift for nursing home residents, along with those lap covers that so many people crochet and quilt.

Beautiful baby shawl.
Lots and lots of fancy border.

So pretty when completed. It was used as a christening shawl.
 The above 3 photos are of a baby shawl I made a couple of years ago and sold. It took ages to do that border. One round took over an hour. Again, my camera skills do not do it justice for it is snow white in color. The pattern came out of a book and if you are interested on where you can find it I will run it down for you. Just leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Sewing blocks and strips on my small felt board.

It would seem that I am spending a lot of time chatting about crochet, and completely ignoring one of my other passions which is quilting. A few years ago a friend asked me to do up a quilt for her daughter's baby shower. They knew the baby was going to be a girl, and her name was to be Lilly.

Closeup of some of the blocks.

Another closeup of family and friend's artwork.

A design was hatched out on graph paper and all pieces were cut to size. Each white block was ironed to freezer paper (removed later) to make it sturdy to write on and each guest was given 2 blocks (the extra in case of error). They were given an instruction sheet on how to do the blocks which allowed for 1/4 inch seams. Permanent color Pigma Pens (or fabric pens) were to be used to prevent bleeding and running. Designs would be sharp and crisp. Everyone was to design their own block for Lilly at the baby shower and then all blocks were to be returned to me to be sewn together. This baby quilt would have a rod pocket and hung in her nursery. As you can see, some blocks just didn't measure up to the others. I do not know if someone grabbed a batch of the wrong fabric pens or what. It really disappointed me that some people didn't follow the instructions and made their designs out to the edges of the blocks. Of course the seam covered up their art work.

My block.

I needed one more block for the layout and so I asked the grandma if it would be okay for me to add one to the mix. She was happy with the idea. Of course anyone can do this simple baby quilt. Blocks can also be embroidered, but unless you have folks who know how to do that you may never get a completed quilt. Even a few people could do blocks for a pretty toss pillow for in a nursery rocking chair. I suppose it pays to have friends and family members who are needle savvy. Quite a few of the contributors to Lilly's quilt were male, but we all know that it doesn't matter. If you look at the quilt and check out the first block on the top left (frog).....ahhh, done by a talented man, mind you! Everyone did their block to express their love for her and that was all that really mattered wasn't it...........happy stitching, love you all!

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  1. Hi Susanne! :D

    Your baby shawl is soooo stunning...OMG, how gorgeous is that! I can see how that must have taken ages to finish...and, I love your baby quilt as well. Such a nice idea to have everyone draw a little something. That frog is really cute, and your block is beautiful. You wrote the perfect little something... Enjoy working on the baby sweater. It's going to be a lovely set!

    Paulette :)


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